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Colorado Special FX Makeup Prosthetics


Special FX Makeup & Prosthetics

Definition - Make-Up / Prosthetics - The prosthetics or special effects makeup person uses a variety of techniques for applying and gluing different materials such as latex, gelatin and other colorations which are used on the face or skin of an actor. Gore and blood, burns, creatures and aging special effects are the more commonly used prosthetic makeup techniques.

Search the list below to find a special effects make-up or prosthetics artist for your next film or video project in Colorado.

makeup artists | hair dressers | costume assistants | costume designers

Todd Debreceni - Colorado Special Effects Makeup TODD DEBRECENI - Captain Phillips; Decay; Batman & Robin; My Favorite Martian; Honey, We Shrunk Ourselves; Starz on Demand; Ink; Paramedics; Prosthetic Design, Sculpting, Mold-making, Painting & Application; Dept. Head; Key; Denver Local 7 IATSE
Midian Crosby - Colorado Special FX Makeup MIDIAN CROSBY - Monster Makeup FX has lent our special effects makeup talents to the film, television, print, performance and Halloween industries for over a decade and our range of special effects talents include prosthetics, blood rigging, bullet hits, props...
Special FX Prosthetics Colorado Get Listed! - Your Name - Each listing in our directory is manually verified to provide you with the most experienced crews, talent & services available in Colorado. Discover more about Colorado's newest film & video resource guide today!

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