Casting Call for Student Film
Production Title: Another Day (Working Title)

Logline: A man goes about his daily routine completely desensitized to the rampant crime going on around him.

Production Company: CU Denver Film Department

Genre: Dark comedy

Run Time: Short Film. 2-4 minutes.

RANDALL (male, 20’s or 30’s)- Randall is a product of his enviornment and has grown a bit too accustomed to it. He’s an average joe just navigating his way through life like everyone else and can’t really be bothered despite living in arguably one of the most crime ridden neighborhoods in the country.

HOMELESS MAN (male, 20’s or 30’s) – Frequently hangs out outside Randall’s apartment complex. Is seen as nothing more than a minor inconvenience, but winds up impacting Randall’s life in a way that he didn’t anticipate.

Extras (each only needed for one day of filming):

-Randall’s Neighbor (04-03)
-Gang Member (04-02)
-Gang Member’s Victim (04-02)
-Purse snatcher (04-02)
-Woman Who Gets Purse Stolen (04-02)
-Mugger (04-02)

Contact: If interested, please email for details. Write with subject: Another Day Casting

Auditions: Self tapes only. A monologue of your choice and/ or a demo reel if you have one.

Compensation: Unpaid, but food and credit.

Union Status: Non-union

Shooting Schedule: Saturday, April 2nd (All day, specific time TBD) and Sunday, April 3rd (All day, specific time TBD)

Filming Location: Lakewood, CO. (Interior and Exterior)

COVID-19: Crew masked, cast masked until filming, social distancing, clean hands, covid precautions.

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