Currently seeking cast and crew for a new short horror film, “Spikes on the Handles” written by Sweeney Gray and produced by Sweeney Gray Studios.

Synopsis- A woman experiences an unforeseen afternoon of terror after being abducted in her wheelchair from a busy city street.

Shooting will take place over three days with all Covid related precautions in place. The majority of shooting will take place outdoors. Majority of crew is vaccinated, and vaccinated applicants will be given preference in the hiring process.

A small stipend will be provided for individual cast and crew members upon completion of filming.

Performers, please reach out by email with a recording of a short monologue (any genre), headshots, a resume, and a video reel or example of previous acting work. Actors without these materials will not be considered.

Small cast needed:
The Woman- Adult actress of any age, 20 or older. MUST be represented by a member of the differently abled acting community.

The Man- Adult actor age 20-40. Preferably a large, physically imposing actor.

Multiple extras of all genders needed as well.

Crew members needed:
Sound engineer- Experienced sound technician to record sound and dialogue on set, during shooting.

Lighting engineer- Experienced lighting technician and designer for indoor and outdoor shooting sequences.

Please email with any further questions. We are so excited to hear from you all and see your auditions!

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