Title: An Unspoken Dream (Paid)

Genre: Drama, Family

Logline: When a father comes to the US for son’s graduation ceremony, a Chinese international student has to break the secret that she’s been hiding from her family for years.

– Father/ Mother, 35-70 years old, Asian, has to be fluent in Mandarin or Cantonese. Description: A struggling parent who’s been trying to help his daughter as much as he can. However, after Daughter moving to the US, he feels more and more powerless in helping her. As the daughter is discovering new passions, he is still emotionally trapped in the old days, when he was the one that could guide her to the future he imagines.
– The College Student, 18-27 years old, Asian, casting both male and female, also have to be fluent in Mandarin or Cantonese. Description: Grew up in China, but moved to the US alone when she/(he) was 14. Towards her/(his) high school graduation, she/(he) realizes that she/(he) has a separate passion from the path that her/(his) parents presented to her/(him). Knowing that the relationship between her/(him) and her/(his) parents has been challenging, and they would freak out, she/(he) chose to hide it. Therefore, she/(he) went on a separate path, alone, chasing a dream hidden from her/(his) parents. Simultaneously, showing fake evidence that’s she/(he) was on her/(his) original path. Now, she/(he) needs to find a way to break this secret.

Application Information: Please include headshots, acting reel, and state your familiarity with speaking Mandarin or Cantonese in your application.
Please apply as soon as you can if you are interested.

I am also actively looking to hire industry professionals to join my crew to take this film to the next level. Production designer, producer, composer, etc, please send me your portfolio/ reel/ website, IMDB page and I’ll get back to you if we are a good fit

Production Type: Student BFA Thesis Film

Contact Information: zhuolin.hong@colorado.edu, Portfolio: https://www.zhuolinhong.com/

Run Time: 15 minutes

Compensation: Professionally Paid

Project Description: What if a college student chose not to tell her parents about her college major during the entirety of her college life, and decides to share it in the last week of graduation.
How would you break the secret? As a parent, how would you react?
This film will be my answer.

For more information about the project: https://www.backstage.com/casting/an-unspoken-dream-working-title-368373/

Ensuring our crew and cast are safe from COVID-19 will be our number one priority during the production. All the crew members will be required to wear masks, and all the pieces of equipment will be sanitized before and after the shoot.
Thank you!

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