Title: Moyocoyotzin
Genre: Drama
Logline: Trying to protect her daughter from life’s struggles, a santera ends up depending on her only child for protection from domestic abuse.


Regla: (Hispanic/Latinx, 30-40 years old) Nurturing, protective, hard working, and spiritual. She is the mother of Maria and married to Eduardo.
Maria: (Hispanic/Latinx, 12-15 years old) Strong, defensive, caring, and brave. She is a first generation Cuban-American who lives with her mom and step dad.
Young Maria: (Hispanic/Latinx, 5-8 years old) Curious, attentive, and adventurous. She only ever wants to be alongside her mother and is curious about the world around her.
Lupe: (Hispanic/Latinx, 30-40 years old) Wise, experienced, attentive, and empathetic. A local curandera who provides spiritual guidance for others.
Eduardo: (Hispanic/Latinx, 40-50 years old) Stubborn, angry, hard working, and impatient. He struggles with alcoholism and does not like feeling belittled by others, especially his wife.

Production Company: CU Denver Film and Television
Production Type: Student Film
Contact Information: madjelyn.dejesus@ucdenver.edu
Run Time: 10 mins
Compensation: Unpaid, credits and meals provided
Union Status: Non-union
Audition Information:
Monday and Wednesday (09/26) – (09/28) 3:30 pm – 5:30 pm at CU Denver campus or option to attend via Zoom
Shooting Schedule:
November 4 – 6 All Day
Filming Location: Various locations around Denver and Littleon, CO.

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