Logline: An anxious teenager struggles with her insecure stepfather on a rainy Rocky Mountain camping trip where heart-to-heart revelations are interrupted by curious grizzly bears.

KEITH (40 – 50) – Leading Role – A competent camper but an insecure step-father, Keith is a sentimental man but struggles to convey his feelings to others. He is healthy and in good shape, but is noticing that he can’t move around at high altitude like he could in his youth. He prefers to stay optimistic and idealistic, even if it comes at an expense, but struggles to hide how tired life has made him.
Theatre performance experience is preferred (but not required).

Please submit headshots & resumes with a self chosen, taped monologue OR Acting Reel. All call-backs will receive sides upon consideration. Please send all submissions to ARWorkscasting@gmail.com

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