James and Joey, with perfect standard smiles, are the Honored Smile Couple in Smile Town, where worships the perfect smile. However, Joey died for a mysterious reason. James (mid-20s) goes to his girlfriend Joey’s funeral, where he first notices some changes in his smile and meets Doctor Paul.

We are looking for:
1. James (mid-20s, male-identifying)
After Joey’s death, James found his smile have some problems and decides to go to Paul’s clinic to check the problem.

2. Joey (mid-20s, female-identifying)
James’ girlfriend. She has a perfect smile. Her face was taken off and there were no facial features on her face when she died.

3. Paul (30s, male-identifying)
An ambitious gentleman. Joey’s friend and her doctor, known as the well-known smile surgery doctor and the owner of the Smile Clinic Agency.

We Also Need Many Other Actors and Actresses who are comfortable about ACTING WITH SMILE AND WITH WHITE FACE MASKS

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