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*This 15-minute short is part of the University of Colorado Cinema Studies & Moving Image Arts BFA program*

Title of Film: Your Personal Spirit Guide: For Beginner Mediums

Genre: Dark Comedy

Logline: A middle-aged medium is having difficulties connecting with the spirit world until one day he is assigned a guide; unfortunately, the guide is a perverted ghost who is terrible at giving advice.

Short Summary: This dark and humorous British tale surrounds Danny, a middle-aged medium who realizes his potential in connecting with the spirit world and wishes to help those seeking closure. Unfortunately, a mental wall prevents him from reaching his fullest psychic abilities. Soon enough, Danny is greeted by Mr. Vetala, an ancient perverted ghost who will guide Danny and help him breakthrough to the other side. After lessons and several glasses of kombucha, Danny feels prepared to tackle his first patient, Dolly White, and connect with her deceased father.

Location: A modern home with an office space

-Danny: British, early 30’s, slightly balding, wears thick-framed glasses
-Mr. Vetala: the perverted ghost, Indian, 40’s
Vetala (Hindu folklore): Spirits who tend to haunt places of burial and charnel grounds; trapped between life and the afterlife, they can take possession of corpses and cause all kinds of crazy trouble for the living.
-Dolly White: British, late 20’s, dirty blonde hair, mousy
*all roles are non-paid

Shoot Dates: Production will begin October 24th and end November 14th (Weekend shooting mostly)

COVID Precautions:
In these times of uncertainty, it is my job as director and overseer of production to make sure the cast and crew working on set will remain safe and healthy. In order to ensure this, I will be providing my team with cleaning supplies. I will not allow more than seven people on set at a time, and social distancing will be enforced. In terms of catering, there will be no sharing of food; everything will be individually wrapped. The crew will be masked at all times and must remain in their designated positions. Any hair and makeup application will be done by the actor. Every prop touched will be disinfected before and after each shoot. Any location I intend to shoot at will not be around crowds or others at high-risk. I will be contacting the cast and crew often to make sure everyone is safe and healthy so that we can have the best on-set experience.

Submissions & Contact Info:
-If you are interested in any of these roles, please email me at with your name, acting experience (if any), a headshot, which character you are auditioning for, and a reliable phone number. Following this response, I will email you back with the script and how to sign up for audition slots.
-Submissions must be turned in no later than September 26th at 1pm
-Auditions will be held on October 3rd

Thank you for your interest!

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