Logline: A stubborn mule, Marvin, celebrates his 40th anniversary with both his embattled wife, Sylvia, and his paralyzing alcohol addiction. In order to save the night and his marriage, he’ll have to undergo a series of surrealistic trials that pin his demons against him.

Supporting Roles: (*open to gender reversal)

*PHILIPPE, (30s) an English coat check that works at the “Pas De Deux” Restaurant — chipper and full of wit, opens the film with Marvin and Sylvia.

*JACQUES, (mid-40s) a snooty French waiter — extremely irritable when it comes to indecisive elderly diners, name drops the title of film at the end.

CHARLIE, (mid-40s) restlessly droll, pompous, and otherwise a clean-freak — the HERALD of the film.

*DEAN, (late-20s) a black gentleman who works at the Berkshire Inn, suited in hotel attire from the 1930s — he’s as charming as he is eerie, (think twilight zone), restlessly swats at a fly while having a conversation with Marvin.

*KYLE, (mid-40s) a repulsive fellow who lives an endless cycle checking into his room of torture at the Berkshire.

EUGENE, (60s-70s) Marvin’s alcoholic father — confronts his son in a dark void, BEARDED and heavy-set.

FREDO, (50) a dear friend of Marvin’s — although we never see him his role is integral to the film, he has a raspy voice and is very eccentric, guides Marvin back to a better self.

^Tentatively Filming the first (2) weekends of April (Fri/Sat/Sun)

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