Genre: surrealist drama, narrative short film
Logline: After experiencing a vivid dream about their long deceased grandmother, a young person delves into lucid dreaming to recover the lost memory of their grandmother’s voice.

Acting Roles:
1. Lazarus (18-25 years old, male or female, any ethnicity) – A somber and isolated young person, who becomes obsessed with lucid dreaming after a mysterious dream about their grandmother. They are sullen and depressed, but meticulous in their quest to remember what their grandmother sounded like.

2. Grandma Wilhelmina (50 years +, female, any ethnicity, preference for someone with a good speaking/singing voice) – An enigmatic woman, made even more abstract by Lazarus’ dream projections. Her personality is revealed through her actions.

Production Type: CU Boulder BFA student film
Shooting Schedule: One weekend (two if necessary), probably November 20th-22nd. Possible coverage shooting in early December.
Filming Location: TBA, likely in or around Boulder, CO

COVID Safety: All crew members (no more than six) will be masked. Sanitizer will be on set at all times, equipment will be meticulously wiped down. Most of the set will be indoors, but because there is very little speaking in this film, I’ll try and keep the older actor with their mask on as much as possible. 6ft spacing will be in place whenever possible.

Run Time: Short (10-15 minutes)
Compensation: $100 per actor
Contact Information: , feel free to email me for my phone number.

Audition Information:
Submissions should be received by November 8th.
Email resume, headshots, and contact info to I will email back my script, and answers to any questions you might have.
Audition material: The script for this short film is largely non-speaking, so body language/facial expression is key. If you have any tapes from past performances, please email them! If you’d like a reference for the sort of action/storytelling this film leans towards (except less grotesque), feel free to watch Un Chien Andalou
Sign up for audition time slots:
I’ve scheduled remote zoom auditions on four separate days,, but if you’d like to apply and can’t fit those times in, feel free to message me! Since there isn’t much dialogue in the script, these audition slots are more for us to get to know each other, and to ask any questions you might have.

Additional Notes: I know it’s a crazy time right now. It’ll likely be crazy for some time in the foreseeable future. I’m very grateful for any help I can get on this project. Stay healthy out there, and thanks for looking.

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