Our startup company will be filming a product unveiling video commercial in Denver the week of May 24th. Different scenes will be filmed on different days during that week.
We are looking for the following talent:

Character: husband of sudden cardiac arrest victim
male – voiceover
Actor will need to portray authentic emotion associated with having his wife collapse in Sudden Cardiac Arrest. Actor will be frantic and panicked when dialing 911, he may need to ad-lib in order to provide an authentic feel for an emergency situation.

Character: 911 dispatcher
male or female
Actor/actress will need to portray characteristics of a good 911 dispatcher– confidence, empathy and sensitivity, excellent communication skills, and portray urgency of the situation while maintaining calm. Tone of voice will be firm, calm, reassuring.

Character: Responder
Actress will be shown traveling quickly from a home setting to the scene of a Sudden Cardiac Arrest emergency. Actress must portray authentic sense of urgency, but will also exude confidence using and responding to the emergency. Actress will need to move quickly and jog/run with our device to the scene of the emergency.

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