Registration / Submissions For UTR Films New Full Feature Faith-Based Thriller LAMININ, Are Officially Open

Visit to Submit for a particular role (cast), position (crew), offering your location (film location), offering your Jeep (diamanda’s motor pool), or you just want to be an extra. PASS THIS ALONG

One ancient coded tablet holding God’s fingerprint allowing unlimited power to one who possesses this tablet by breaking the code. Ruthless wealthy killers searching for a teen who has the tablet and they’ll destroy anyone who gets in their way. A Church Pastor educated in ancient artifacts of God, selflessly puts his own life in danger by hiding the teen at his own ranch, protecting God’s tablet, and praying he’ll still be able to share the gospel with the killers knowing Jesus’ message of salvation still needs to be preached, even if it means costing him his own

Upon This Rock Films is a multi award winning Faith Based / Family Friendly film production company which was founded in 2013 by its multi award winning President, & CEO, Owen Hisle. Upon This Rock Films is located in beautiful Aurora Colorado. Our goal is to make professional high quality Faith Based / Family Friendly movies that yes – are Faith Based – however, we welcome all cast and crew regardless if their Faith Based or not. UTR Films film projects are about taking risks, challenges, chances, by pushing the envelope in creating films with a genuine risk taking real-life approach {more real life bad, and ugly}, (not just the good and different), with a get-in-your-face real life Jesus message however, also making sure we maintain that audience entertainment value

Although we encourage other followers / believers in Jesus, within the film industry (cast & crew) to be part of UTR Films, we also encourage non-believers within the film industry (cast & crew) to be part of UTR Films as well. No one will be asked to – become a believer, leave their current church, join any other church, or get ear pounded with judgmental words that their doomed to hell in order to be part of this exciting adventure and ministry. UTR Films will always pray over each and every script, film location, film set, cast, crew, extra, helper, etc (no one likes to be preached to, preached at however, most people welcome others to pray over them)

Covid19 Safe Sets International
*{C19SSI is for the film industry world wide – Hollywood and Indie}
*{UTRF will comply with C19SSI at all film locations}

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