This is a student film about three old souls nearing the end of their time in this world and lighting up a doobie as a small final stand against the immortal wave of time.
If you are interested in auditioning, please email me at I will send you a side and then have you send us a video audition.


Gerald- 70’s, casting in the age range of sixties and up. A Vietnam veteran, a man whose family has abandoned him in a nursing home.he is scared to die and worries about his entrance to heaven. He is the denial or mortality.

Jean- 70’s, casting in the age range of sixties and up. A hippie in her younger years, she is at peace with death, she views it as a release. She’s the one who supplies the weed and guides Gerald on his journey to nowhere.

Eugene: 70’s, casting in the range of sixties and up. A man in the grips of death. He is the balance between them, he fears but doesn’t have the time to contemplate as he just wants a release from the pain. He is ready for the end.

Due to COVID -19, we are looking to cast actors who are a couple for Gerald and Jean, so that we can film scenes with them together in the same room. That being said, you are not required to be in a couple to audition. If we are not able to find actors who are a couple, we have a backup shooting plan that will not require actors to be on set together. Also the crew and cast will be required to wear masks on set. The only time someone will be removing their mask on set will be the actors when the camera is rolling. The actor acting will be the only one unmasked and will only unmask after action has been called. The mask will be put back on after cut is called. Set and equipment will be sanitized as well. Cast and crew safety is on immense importance on set.

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