Logline: When Valentina’s husband dies she takes her son Angel to a nice get-away to a family cabin out in the mountains to escape their profound grief and loss. However, a tall old man will haunt them during their stay there and will make them regret ever coming to that cabin for the rest of their lives…


Valentina Calderon (Female – age: 25-35)

*Dark Skin/Light dark skin

*Indigenous/Latinx Features (Black eyes/hair. Pronounced nose and lips)

*Speaks Fluent Spanish (a little bit we can work with too)

Angel Calderon (age: 8-12 years old)

*Light dark skin

*Indigenous/Latinx Features

*Speak some Spanish

*Body complexion is a bit thick

Crow man

(age: 40-70 years old)


*Has a large nose, big and deep eyes. Must be tall.

*Body complexion is a skinny and long arms.

****Looking for SFX editor and Make-up artist as well*****

NON-UNION/unpaid. Food will be provided on set as well as a copy of the final cut of the film/footage for reel. Being Part of screening/Q&A when selected into to festivals.

Contact: lisacerdafernandez@gmail.com (Director) or maryamoroso.1996@gmail.com (Producer) for further information and dates to audition.

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