Title: (LAMININ)

Genre: (Faith-Based – Thriller)

Logline: (One ancient coded tablet holding God’s fingerprint allowing unlimited power to one who possesses this tablet by breaking the code. Ruthless wealthy killers searching for a teen who has the tablet and they’ll destroy anyone who gets in their way. A Church Pastor educated in ancient artifacts of God, selflessly puts his own life in danger by hiding the teen at his own ranch, protecting God’s tablet, and praying he’ll still be able to share the gospel with the killers knowing Jesus’ message of salvation still needs to be preached, even if it means costing him his own life!!!)

Role: (UTR Films IS-ONLY seeking Locations & SUVs for now)
(We’ll take photos of Locations & SUVs with Cast to market LAMININ)
(Location owner/s & SUV owner/s will have a roll in the movie)
(No monetary payment will be provided for this project)
(Gas, meals, film credit/s, IMDb, will be provided)
(And you’ll have the coolest bragging rights)

Production Company: (UTR Films)

Production Type: (Indie, Thriller, Faith-Based)

Contact Information: (Visit site – www.uponthisrockfilms.com/lamininccl)

Run Time: (Full Feature)

Compensation: (Visit site – www.uponthisrockfilms.com/lamininccl)

Union Status: (Non-Union, Union welcomed)

Audition Information: (Visit site – www.uponthisrockfilms.com/lamininccl)

Shooting Schedule: (Visit site – www.uponthisrockfilms.com/lamininccl)

Filming Location: (Colorado)

Covid19 Protocol: (Covid19 Safe Sets International measurements will be in place)

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