Action Tactical

Action Tactical

  • 1st year in Industry: 2015


Action Tactical LLC

Action Tactical offers services for executive protection on filming sets. We can provide the set with basic security and secure all entry and exit locations to ensure a safe environment for the filming crews. If there are higher profile personnel on set, we can provide personal security for members of the staff.

Action Tactical staff all come from a military / law enforcement background and have all worked in specialized units performing executive protection. The staff is highly trained in de-escalation tactics, medical training, arrest control and threat identification. The professionalism and customer service provided by Action Tactical exceeds that of our competitors. Action Tactical employees are leaders by design and put the needs of the client first.

Action Tactical will look at the nature of the services requested, evaluate the need, and offer the best way to consult and support the client through their productions. Action Tactical has the ability to consult with the filming crew for pre-production security, during the production and post-production security needs.