Helena Gruensteidl

Helena Gruensteidl

  • 1st year in Industry: 2014
  • Union: non-union


Helena Gruensteidl is a non-binary freelance cinematographer, camera operator, 1st AC, and FAA-certified drone pilot based in Denver, Colorado.

Helena is an analytical, passionate powerhouse who dives headfirst into every opportunity to brainstorm with creative individuals, create beautiful images, and tell authentic, human stories. With practical training in celluloid film production and an education in intersectional gender, women’s, and sexuality studies, Helena is a highly-skilled and talented cinematographer with a keen sense for visual storytelling and a love for telling stories not often told.

Their favorite projects are narrative and documentary, but they also have extensive experience working in commercial and corporate.

Helena is deeply committed to creating safe sets and uplifting marginalized voices. They believe that all media should be created with rigorous intentionality.