J.D. Gonzales

J.D. Gonzales

  • 1st year in Industry: 2009


I specialize in fictional narratives and have an extensive background filming commercials, short films, documentaries, the works.

I’m a proponent of diversity, equity, inclusion, and opportunity-based hiring, reach out to me to learn more on my ethos.

My background is as a Gaffer so lighting is a large part of my approach. I find it highly beneficial to have a lighting plan before the day which lowers costs, gives Directors more time to direct, makes less lifting for the crew, and (most importantly) strengthens the story and tone with deliberate shooting.

I’ve worked with Megan Thee Stallion, Peyton Manning, TIME Magazine, LGBTQNation, Comcast, A&E, TED, and many others for commercial and broadcast content.

Most recently, I’ve partnered with the University of Denver as Director of Photography for Snapshots of Confinement, a feature length documentary funded by National Parks. The film follows the significance of photo albums created while Japanese-Americans were forced into concentration camps.

Email me for references.

Mini LF Owner/Op

G&E Equipment available.