Jillian Keiffer

Jillian Keiffer

  • 1st year in Industry: 2015


Jillian Keiffer graduated from Louisiana State University where she achieved her BA in Apparel design and a Minor in Film Studies. Her studies included fashion business, trend forecasting, pattern making, apparel design and construction and textile science. Along with film making and analysis.

Jillian’s wide range of skills and experience has made her a valuable asset on any film set. She can be an on set tailor and create custom pieces. She has worked in the film industry in her home town of New Orleans and after moving to Colorado in 2020 she has worked as a lead designer in the commercial and film industry here.


Jillian is currently working as a wardrobe designer and stylist in Denver, she is always looking to expand her portfolio and skill set. Always interested in new creative ventures. Clients include Duracell, Amazon, Jared Polis, Colorado State Lottery and Hallmark.