Sam Hall

Sam Hall

  • 1st year in Industry: 2013
  • Union: IATSE Local 600


1st Ac & also can work as a 2nd AC. He is an accomplished Camera Assistant & Gimbal Tech.

With just under a decade in Los Angeles, he has worked alongside crews on big budget commercials, Movies, and TV shows.

Sam is now based in Denver, Colorado – but was formerly based in Los Angeles CA where he started his career in 2013.

Sam aims to always work with tight knit and cohesive crews. It never feels like work when you’re working with friends! Small Crews, ambitious dreams, and a smooth workflow produce the best shoots. Productions Include: Motor Trend, Venture Visuals, Warner Bros, Disney, Whistle Sports, Sony, NBC Universal, Discovery, ABC, Human Design and Great Escape Media.

Sam graduated with a BA in Film and Media Production from Taylor University.