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Food Stylists

Definition - The food stylist prepares and arranges food in an appealing way to be used in photographs, commercials or movies. This person usually has an extensive background in cooking, recipe development, and the ability to achieve creative solutions for making the food look its most attractive.

Search the list below to find a Food Stylist for your next film or video project in Colorado.

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Nan Wesselink - Colorado Food Stylist NAN WESSELINK - Extensive experience in lifestyle and live action. Experience working on productions throughout the US and Mexico. BS in Foods and Nutrition enables me to have a greater understanding of food and the food industry.
Stephen Shern - Colorado Food Stylist STEPHEN SHERN - Stephen Shern began his career food styling in New York City 25 years ago after a successful career as a chef. Currently food styling in the greater Denver area for all the major food enterprises. A food stylist needs a keen eye, sharp technique...
Jacqueline Buckner - Colorado Food Stylist JACQUELINE BUCKNER - Over 20 years of diverse experience styling mouth watering food and beverage imagery for all motion and print media. Studio, beauty tabletop, location, food with talent, special fx rigs - the whole enchilada! Extensive portfolio images...
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