Makeup & Wardrobe

The makeup, wardrobe and hair department work closely with the actors on their physical appearance from scene to scene. From the various clothing and costumes worn to the different hair- styles and makeup needed, this department will create a consistent look for each of the cast members throughout the production process.

Makeup Artist / Hair

photo by: Steve Van Ness

The makeup artist's main task is to apply and create a variety of looks on the actors and actresses skin surfaces with makeup, from current trends to classic or period pieces. The makeup artist creates a look according to the director's desires, often inspired by the characterizations in a story.

Special FX Makeup

photo by: John Murphy

The prosthetics or special effects makeup person uses a variety of techniques for applying and gluing different materials such as latex, gelatin and other colorations which are used on the face or skin of an actor. Gore and blood, burns, creatures and aging special effects are the more commonly used prosthetic makeup techniques.

Wardrobe Stylist

photo by: Steve Van Ness

The wardrobe stylist works closely with the costume designer, and assists with preparing everything related to the actors clothing, costumes and wardrobe. Common tasks of the wardrobe assistant are maintaining and styling for all the wardrobes worn by the various actors. They also assist in helping to organize, disperse and account for all the costumes used on set.