Casting/Crew Call for Short Horror Film “Bad Dreams”

October 2, 2022, 9PM – 4AM (or earlier)

Littleton, CO

A girl home alone receives a phone call from a friend who recounts a nightmare.

2 female teenage-looking or young adult roles:

HALEY (17)
– Main character

– Haley’s best friend
– Off screen character, only her voice is heard from the phone the entire film


– Must be comfortable using an iPad or have their own tablet/computer

– Please send a demo reel of your work

– Prior experience preferred but not required


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Searching for Crew – Feature film (August)

Family​/Drama feature film shooting in Berthoud, CO August 15-30th.

This timeless coming-of-age story is about a young man that dreams of becoming a professional baseball player. From his humble beginnings, being raised on a farm, the hero’s journey transports the audience through his trials and tribulations that propels him into an inner world where he can claim victory over his most notorious enemy.

Line Producer ​
​Production PA
Costume PA ​
​pay, copy, meal, IMDB credit

​Also, seeking PAs and Grips ​looking for experience.
Email film resume to Producer Michelle Opitz at ​

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Allegory of the Gnome Casting & Crew Call

Hello everyone! My name is Ang, I’m a fresh graduate from SCAD Savannah and I’m shooting my first film out of college in Leadville this August! This project is an experimental thriller short that will be mixing live action with 2D and stop motion animation. The logline of the film is Tobey and Sam take their friend Nicki on a nature hike to get her out of her rut of a routine. However, the twists and turns of the forest lead the girls astray. They reconvene in the heart of the woods and discover an ancient entity seeking to retake its land.

We are currently casting for our principal cast and are looking for a costume designer and a HMU artist. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions!

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About 2 minutes. Think: blend between SNL’s digital shorts and mock commercial.

Sensei Gary
MALE, 40s, (open to late 30s or early 50s)
Looking for someone that looks like they currently (or formerly) were into weight-lifting. Don’t necessarily have to be ripped (on the heavy side is fine too), but must be somewhat muscular.
Comedy, improv, or comedic video experience a huge plus.
Sensei Gary is an overly aggro, gruff, dojo owner that owns a very “unusual” type of dojo.
Shoot each day will be about 3 hours. In addition to Pay Rate, food will be provided, and we like to have a lot of fun on set.

If interested, please send experience and headshot or reel to with the subject line: SENSEI GARY
All call-backs will receive a script.

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Casting Call for Lead in Independent Feature Film


Logline: An anxious teenager struggles with her insecure stepfather on a rainy Rocky Mountain camping trip where heart-to-heart revelations are interrupted by curious grizzly bears.

KEITH (40 – 50) – Leading Role – A competent camper but an insecure step-father, Keith is a sentimental man but struggles to convey his feelings to others. He is healthy and in good shape, but is noticing that he can’t move around at high altitude like he could in his youth. He prefers to stay optimistic and idealistic, even if it comes at an expense, but struggles to hide how tired life has made him.
Theatre performance experience is preferred (but not required).

Please submit headshots & resumes with a self chosen, taped monologue OR Acting Reel. All call-backs will receive sides upon consideration. Please send all submissions to

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Casting for Student Short

Title: Lonely
Genre: Romantic, sci-fi, thriller
Logline: In an increasingly online world a young man finds convienence in creating his perfect companion; but being in a new live-in relationship might be more than he bargained for.

Katrina (female ages 18-25): An AI, created by Warren as his perfect compainion. She’s programmed to be loving, caring, obdient and naive, but has the capacity to be much more.
Warren (males ages 18-30): A young, nerdy guy, who’s devoteted his life to his work and his hobbies and hasn’t had much luck or experience in relationships.

Emma Phillips
Production Type: Student Short (CU Denver)
Contact Information:
Run Time: 10 minutes
Compensation: Unpaid (currently fundraising), meals will be provided.
Audition Information: Please, send headshot, resume, and reel to If you do not have a reel we have sides that we will give you to record.
Callbacks are TBD depending on auditions.
Shooting Schedule: Dates are locking in for April 1st-3rd
Filming Location: King Center, Auraria Campus
Project Description: Actors must be 18 years or older, as there are implied violence and sexual situations.

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Seeking Extras for short commercial shoot

Date: Monday, March 21st around 6am
Location: Golden Bee gastropub at The Broadmoor: 1 Lake Ave, Colorado Springs, CO, 80906
Company: Windstar Studios
Rate: $250 for couple for day, $125/individual

Windstar Studios is looking for a couple to act as extras for a quick shoot in the early morning on Monday the 21st at the Golden Bee Pub at the Broadmoor in Colorado Springs. We will wrap around 10:30am.
This will be a quick and easy shoot; we just need two people who are willing to bring themselves to set, and who are willing to work in the early morning. Actors should be clean cut with nice attire. The two actors can be a real couple, or two friends.

If interested, please send your information and headshots to

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Casting Call for Student Film
Production Title: Another Day (Working Title)

Logline: A man goes about his daily routine completely desensitized to the rampant crime going on around him.

Production Company: CU Denver Film Department

Genre: Dark comedy

Run Time: Short Film. 2-4 minutes.

RANDALL (male, 20’s or 30’s)- Randall is a product of his enviornment and has grown a bit too accustomed to it. He’s an average joe just navigating his way through life like everyone else and can’t really be bothered despite living in arguably one of the most crime ridden neighborhoods in the country.

HOMELESS MAN (male, 20’s or 30’s) – Frequently hangs out outside Randall’s apartment complex. Is seen as nothing more than a minor inconvenience, but winds up impacting Randall’s life in a way that he didn’t anticipate.

Extras (each only needed for one day of filming):

-Randall’s Neighbor (04-03)
-Gang Member (04-02)
-Gang Member’s Victim (04-02)
-Purse snatcher (04-02)
-Woman Who Gets Purse Stolen (04-02)
-Mugger (04-02)

Contact: If interested, please email for details. Write with subject: Another Day Casting

Auditions: Self tapes only. A monologue of your choice and/ or a demo reel if you have one.

Compensation: Unpaid, but food and credit.

Union Status: Non-union

Shooting Schedule: Saturday, April 2nd (All day, specific time TBD) and Sunday, April 3rd (All day, specific time TBD)

Filming Location: Lakewood, CO. (Interior and Exterior)

COVID-19: Crew masked, cast masked until filming, social distancing, clean hands, covid precautions.

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Casting Call for Denver Short Film, HAROLD

Project Description: HAROLD serves as both a stand-alone short film, as well as a proof of concept for a feature film. The feature screenplay titled GIVING UP THE GHOST has received several awards, including being on the short list at the Frontières International Co-Production market in Montreal. Our goal is to submit this film on the festival circuit and use it as a tool to raise financing for the feature.

Synopsis for Harold: Parents-to-be Scott and Arianna don’t quite see eye to eye on a few things, particularly that Scott’s best friend, Harold, lives in their basement. And the fact that Harold happens to be a ghost.

Casting for the following Roles:

ARIANNA (female, late 20’s – 40ish): On the cusp of completing her Ph.D, Arianna is pleasantly surprised to discover she’s pregnant. She attempts to balance Scott’s friendship with Harold and her own trepidation around raising a child with a ghost in the house.

SCOTT (male, late 20’s – 40ish): After losing his mother and moving back into his childhood home, Scott is thrilled to reconnect with Harold, especially as he faces change ahead with a baby on the way.

We will be hosting virtual/video auditions. Please email for details, including the sides.

Production Details:

Shooting Days: April 22-24, 2022 (the role of Arianna may only be necessary for 1 day)
Shooting Location: Denver, CO
Compensation: $206/day
(Note: this is a non-union shoot, but this is based off the SAG-AFTRA Ultra Low Budget rate)
Other: We like to create a fun, inclusive atmosphere on set where you feel supported as a human and as an artist. We won’t push for excessive hours. We aim for 8 hour days, but won’t go over 10.

About Us: Suburban Ghost is a Denver-based independent film production company focused on creating unique genre films. Fueled by a DIY-philosophy and low-budget sensibilities, Suburban Ghost utilizes genre to explore meaningful and relatable stories. Our work has been seen at popular genre festivals including Fantastic Fest, Fantasia International Film Festival, Telluride Horror Show, Anomaly Film Fest, Nightstream, and more.

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Registration / Submissions For UTR Films New Full Feature Faith-Based Thriller LAMININ, Are Officially Open

Registration / Submissions For UTR Films New Full Feature Faith-Based Thriller LAMININ, Are Officially Open

Visit to Submit for a particular role (cast), position (crew), offering your location (film location), offering your Jeep (diamanda’s motor pool), or you just want to be an extra. PASS THIS ALONG

One ancient coded tablet holding God’s fingerprint allowing unlimited power to one who possesses this tablet by breaking the code. Ruthless wealthy killers searching for a teen who has the tablet and they’ll destroy anyone who gets in their way. A Church Pastor educated in ancient artifacts of God, selflessly puts his own life in danger by hiding the teen at his own ranch, protecting God’s tablet, and praying he’ll still be able to share the gospel with the killers knowing Jesus’ message of salvation still needs to be preached, even if it means costing him his own

Upon This Rock Films is a multi award winning Faith Based / Family Friendly film production company which was founded in 2013 by its multi award winning President, & CEO, Owen Hisle. Upon This Rock Films is located in beautiful Aurora Colorado. Our goal is to make professional high quality Faith Based / Family Friendly movies that yes – are Faith Based – however, we welcome all cast and crew regardless if their Faith Based or not. UTR Films film projects are about taking risks, challenges, chances, by pushing the envelope in creating films with a genuine risk taking real-life approach {more real life bad, and ugly}, (not just the good and different), with a get-in-your-face real life Jesus message however, also making sure we maintain that audience entertainment value

Although we encourage other followers / believers in Jesus, within the film industry (cast & crew) to be part of UTR Films, we also encourage non-believers within the film industry (cast & crew) to be part of UTR Films as well. No one will be asked to – become a believer, leave their current church, join any other church, or get ear pounded with judgmental words that their doomed to hell in order to be part of this exciting adventure and ministry. UTR Films will always pray over each and every script, film location, film set, cast, crew, extra, helper, etc (no one likes to be preached to, preached at however, most people welcome others to pray over them)

Covid19 Safe Sets International
*{C19SSI is for the film industry world wide – Hollywood and Indie}
*{UTRF will comply with C19SSI at all film locations}

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Searching for Crew and Cast for Feature film (June/July 2022)

​We are an independent production company filming a feature film out in Berthoud, CO this summer. We are looking to hire crew and cast.

–Positions are paid
–Copy, Meal, IMDB Credit
–This feature film will be shooting in Berthoud, Colorado June 13-July 2nd 2022

‘Finding the Zone’ SYNOPSIS:
This timeless coming of age story is about a young man that dreams of becoming a professional baseball player. From his humble beginnings, being raised on a farm, the hero’s journey transports the audience through his trials and tribulations that propels him into an inner world where he can claim victory over his most notorious enemy.

Line Producer —— 18 days + 1 week prep ($250 per day)
1st AD —————– 18 days + 1 week prep ($200 per ​​day)
1st AC —————– 18 days + 1 day prep ($200 per day)​ *Arri Mini LF or RED Dragon experience.
Key Grip ————– 18 days ($150 per day)​
Gaffer —————– 18 days ($150 per day)​
Sound Mixer/Boom Operator —————– 18 days ($150 per day)​ *equipment provided
Makeup/Hair (with Kit) ————————— 18 days ($150 per day)​ *plus kit fee
Steadicam Operator with Gear —————- 1 day rate negotiable

​1) Frank Williams, (22-32)
2) Coach Carl (40-50) ​
3) Tommy the diner owner (60s​)
4) Haley – game announcer (20s​, female​​)
6) Adam​ – equipment manager​ ​(​20s)

Email ​film ​resume to Producer Michelle Opitz at
Actors, please send a headshot, reel/resume.

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For a feature film ‘THE DILEMMA’ to be made by a group of young directors for Amazon Prime Video
we are looking for :

BRAHAM 30-35 years old: Hyper active, courageous, determined, feisty, strategist and gentleman

TANIA 25-30 years old: Heiress, beautiful and charming, dedicated to work, passionate about business, she masters the art of communication

PASCO 30-35 years old: Giant, obnoxious gangster, impulsive, moronic, bloodthirsty.

Availability: April-MAY
Paid work
Travel and accommodation for the actors are taken care of

To be sent:
– recent portrait and full-length photos
– Please attach your CV and demo tape if you have

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URGENT “Smile Town” Casting Film Crews

James and Joey, with perfect standard smiles, are the Honored Smile Couple in Smile Town, where worships the perfect smile. However, Joey died for a mysterious reason. James (mid-20s) goes to his girlfriend Joey’s funeral, where he first notices some changes in his smile and meets Doctor Paul.

In search of:
1. DP
2. Camera Operator
3. Sound mixer
4. Production designer
5. Special FX Makeup
6. Script supervisor/continuity

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“Spirit Day” Short Film Casting Call PAID

Casting, “Spirit Day,” a queer, coming-of-age, short film. SYNOPSIS: “Spirit Day” follows Frankie, a lonely middle-schooler, as they pick a costume for their school’s upcoming spirit day with the help of their imaginary friend Mac. However, choosing an outfit proves more complicated than expected, prompting questions of presentation and identity.

ROLE: Mac: Frankie’s adult, imaginary friend.
Age: hoping to cast anyone from mid to late 20s to late thirties. (approximate age range: 24-38)
Gender: any gender identities
*Must be able to play an absurdist, flamboyant character

hourly Colorado minimum wage plus a $150 bonus upon completion of the shoot

Colorado Springs, February 17th-20th, 7-8 hr shoot days
we will hold two rehearsals, each 2-3 hrs. One the week of January 24th-28th and the second the week of January 31st-February 4th.

please email with a headshot and reel (if you have one) to schedule an audition time. They will be held during the week of January 24th-28th.

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James and Joey, with perfect standard smiles, are the Honored Smile Couple in Smile Town, where worships the perfect smile. However, Joey died for a mysterious reason. James (mid-20s) goes to his girlfriend Joey’s funeral, where he first notices some changes in his smile and meets Doctor Paul.

We are looking for:
1. James (mid-20s, male-identifying)
After Joey’s death, James found his smile have some problems and decides to go to Paul’s clinic to check the problem.

2. Joey (mid-20s, female-identifying)
James’ girlfriend. She has a perfect smile. Her face was taken off and there were no facial features on her face when she died.

3. Paul (30s, male-identifying)
An ambitious gentleman. Joey’s friend and her doctor, known as the well-known smile surgery doctor and the owner of the Smile Clinic Agency.

We Also Need Many Other Actors and Actresses who are comfortable about ACTING WITH SMILE AND WITH WHITE FACE MASKS

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Casting for Feature Film – Title: Finding the Zone

Seeking union or non union talent for feature film beginning June 13, 2022.
Character: Abby( 30-35) Caucasian lost her husband ten years earlier by a tragic accident. She’s raised her only son who is now 17. Recently lost her job as a waitress at a diner, she is on the verge of having her farm/house foreclosed by the bank. She is loving, encouraging, emotionally strong, and wants her son’s dream to come true as a future major league baseball player. This is an important supporting role in the film.
Character: Earl(65) ethnicity Asian or Hispanic owns a local diner that has hit hard times financially because of a slowed economy. He must tell his only employee/family friend, Abby, that he’s shutting down the business. A kind, generous man that knows it’s time to retire and enjoy his life with his wife on the road traveling. – Day Player
Character: Lou(55) African American is a banker at a small branch in a small, rural community. He and his father both served in the marine corp. He wants to do whatever he can to help a widow save her home from foreclosure – Day Player
Character: Younger Hardy ( 6-8) Caucasian- loves his family and the game of baseball. Witnesses an accident that changes his life forever.
Character: Frank (25-30) Father of Hardy, hardworking farmer that falls fate to an accident while working on the farm.

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Title: The Muted
Genre: Short Family Ethical Drama
Logline: Chun witnessed her Dad’s homosexual love affair with the family doctor Brook, who is in charge of the postoperative recovery of her Mom’s eye surgeries. Chun lost her voice after witnessing everything…

Casting Roles:
1. Carl (age 45, male-identifying): Chun’s father, found himself loving another man after been in a heterosexual marriage for 18 years.
2. Doctor Brook (age 30-35, male-identifying): Family Doctor for Chun’s Family, having love affair with Carl (Chun’s father).
3. Linda (age 40, female-identifying): Chun’s mother, recently received an eye surgery thus can’t see.

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Casting the lead for a short film titled ‘My Family are Fish,’ which follows Munson, a man whose family have spontaneously turned to fish, on the day of his son’s birthday; a day that forces him to reconcile his family’s former state with their current one.

We are looking for:
Munson (male-identifying, 40s-50s)

Shoot will be in February, however, one scene of the film will be shot November 6th.
ALSO: Actor must be comfortable swimming in a lake on November 6th.

Please send us a cover letter and headshot. Video reel also encouraged.

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COMPENSATION: $100/hr non-union

CEO – 40-60 year old male. Slicked back or styled hair. Character is a presumably a scummy, immoral businessman/CEO type.

CONTRACTOR – 30-50 year old male. Haggard and rough around the edges. Character is a presumably crooked, unreliable contractor who has ripped people off.

POLITICIAN – 30-60 year old female. Character is instantly unliked at first glance. Presumably corrupt, evil, deceitful.

CONTACT: (please send headshots/reel with subject line “Promo Actors”)

SHOOT: 1-2 hours on Oct 13th or 14th

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Shadow Legacy Film

Looking for a lead male actor for a role in an upcoming film. We are looking for a male aged 25-35 who is the athletic/biker type. Preferably this actor has some combat experience, however this is negotiable and can be solved with some athleticism for a few quick combat scenes. This is a scifi film and we will begin filming the Pilot on Nov. 30th at the Garden of The Gods in Colorado Springs. We will provide an audition script upon your application for a read through to see if you are the right fit for the film. Please reach out by email if you think you fit the role.

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Casting Diverse Family OR College-Aged Friends for Climate Change Spec Ad

Looking for actors or even non-actors who like to hike for this Sunday to come out and enjoy nature!
We are shooting a climate change spec PSA. We were supposed to film tomorrow in Mammoth Lakes but ironically the forest fires (our call to action) forced us to push because of hazardous smoke!

So now we are filming near Denver! We either need a group of five DIVERSE college-age-looking people to play a group of friends enjoying the beauty of Colorado nature OR a diverse family.
Know any actors or even friends that would want to help us out?

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Shooting is one day. It is for a student film for a film academy. You will be expected to be there for 4 hours – If extra time is for some reason, you will also be paid for it. MUST BE MALE – AGE 20-24 – ASAP: Needed before 24th of September.

FOR MORE INFO: Call or text 720-557-9144 OR Email:

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1. Looking for 4-people, age 25-35 to be in a zip-lining video NEXT TUESDAY (SEPT 21). Shoot is a SUNRISE SHOOT meaning you’d need to be there around 5:30 AM. This is an approximately 2 hour commitment and is PAID. I need ALL DEMOGRAPHICS, and BOTH male and female. Must be clean-cut looking, and fit.

2. I need 2-caucasian families with 2 kids older than 10 years old (so a family of 4) NEXT TUESDAY (SEPT 21). Shot is scheduled for 9-11AM. This is also a PAID gig, and is also a 2 HOUR commitment. Must be clean-cut and fit.

Thank you!

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Do You Want Your Own Show?

We are Rino Point Studios, a new video content studio in Five Points/RINO, dedicated to cultivating human connection through dynamic storytelling, enlightening conversations, and electrifying art.

Interested in creating your very own show or series? We’re looking to bring onboard unique voices that spark conversations and ideas, enlighten and entertain, or educate. We provide production at no cost, if we like your pitch. We have a beautiful studio, with full production capabilities.

Come by and pitch us Friday (Sept 17) from 3pm-6pm. If you can’t make it, send us an email.

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Just One Day

A multi-cultured love triangle involving three women. Two of which share an unspoken attraction, while the third tries to woo the interest. This is only a scene, not a film that we will be shooting. It is a dinner scene involving all three women.

Position: Production Assistant

Tasks: You will work beside the Director of Photography and another Production Assistant, getting equipment set up for each shot.

This is non-paid, non-union.

Benefits: You can gain the experience of working on a film set, and use it for your future reel. We will also provide food for the cast and crew.

Date & Time: Friday, September 10th, 2021 from 7:00pm-12:30pm.

Covid Guidelines: We will be following Covid guidelines while on set. Staying 6ft apart and wearing a mask while on set at all times, unless you are outside or eating.

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Casting Call for ‘Uninvited’ Short Film Supporting Roles (PAID)

Casting supporting roles for ‘Uninvited,’ a short film that follows a single woman working as a biohazard cleaner. Rehearses in early September.
The production date is September 23-26. Supporting roles are expected to be on set for one day. We are looking for:

Landlord, any gender, 26+: The landlord of the house of a young woman who committed suicide.
Burglar, male-identifying, 18+: A Burglar, breaking into the empty house of a young woman who committed suicide.
Greg, male-identifying, 18+: Sol(the protagonist)’s coworker, also working as a biohazard cleaner. Cheerful and friendly.

Please send me your cover letter and headshot. It helps if you have a video reel.

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Baz Halpin and Silent House Productions NEW LAS VEGAS SHOW

Denver- JUNE 23 TCDC Dance
10:00a male dancers, 12:00p female dancers, 3:00p urban dancers

Baz Halpin and Silent House Productions (Pink, Calvin Harris, Khalid, Britney Spears, Jonas Brothers, Jennifer Lopez, Gwen Stefani, Imagine Dragons, Harry Styles, American Music Awards…) are seeking performers for a new original production show in Las Vegas. Seeking: actors, dancers, vocalists, and multi-discipline performers.

There are multiple roles for dancers of all genders. Specialties are a plus but not required. Dancers should be professionals at one or more of the following styles: Contemporary Dance, Street Style Dance, Acro Dance, Contortion Dance, Vogue, Hand-Tutting, Flamenco (primary focus on upper body posture and handwork, not the footwork), Animation, Krumping, Jazz, En Pointe, Tribal (including Zaouli, Hula, Haka, Shemakhinskaya Bayaderka, Dancehall/ Afro-Cuban).

How to Submit
Please submit via the following link or attend one of our open calls:

Note: for anyone that does not have a demo reel, please send an Instagram link, TikTok, YouTube channel, etc. The 30-second introduction video however is a must. Your introduction video should include: legal name, where you live, style(s) of dance you are proficient in, representation (if any), age, height, and for which role(s) you would like to be considered for.

Character Aesthetic: Open to all ethnicities and genders. May vary in heights between 5’4” – 6’.
Special Requirements: Cannot be afraid of heights.
18 month contract in Las Vegas
Starting at $1,650 per week

Las Vegas- JUNE 14 Millennium Dance Complex
9:30a male dancers, 11:00a female dancers, 2:00p urban dancers

Los Angeles- JUNE 17 Flower Street Factory
10:30a male dancers, 12:00p female dancers, 3:00p urban dancers

Salt Lake City- JUNE 21 Center Stage Performing Arts
10:00a male dancers, 12:00p female dancers, 3:00p urban dancers

Denver- JUNE 23 TCDC Dance
10:00a male dancers, 12:00p female dancers, 3:00p urban dancers

Atlanta- JUNE 28 The Atlanta Dance Academy
10:00a male dancers, 12:00p female dancers, 2:00p urban dancers

New York- JUNE 29 Ripley Grier Studios- 8th Avenue
10:00a male dancers, 12:00p female dancers, 3:00p urban dancers

Miami- JULY 1 Dance Town
10:00a male dancers, 12:00p female dancers, 3:00p urban dancers

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Bouldering & Mt Biking Casting Call for Outside TV Show

Wanna improve your outdoor adventure skills? Together with Outside TV, Odyssey Studios is casting on-camera talent for a two-day, all expenses paid trip featuring hands-on lessons with professionals in scenic parks near Grand Junction, Colorado. Participants will be filmed attempting mountain biking and/or bouldering. Participants must be over 18, located within half a day driving distance of Grand Junction and available for two days plus travel in late June or early July. Looking for solo adventurers, families, or couples with novice-level skills. (Only one hotel room per overnight stay will be provided.)

To apply, email a short video clip (cell phone video is fine) of yourself explaining why you want to learn mountain biking or bouldering and why you’re the most awesome choice for this show to All submissions must include the email subject line “P2P”. Deadline for submissions is Monday, June 21st. Get ready for an epic outdoors trip filled with fun adventure & supportive coaching!

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Cast and Crew Call for Short Horror Film

Currently seeking cast and crew for a new short horror film, “Spikes on the Handles” written by Sweeney Gray and produced by Sweeney Gray Studios.

Synopsis- A woman experiences an unforeseen afternoon of terror after being abducted in her wheelchair from a busy city street.

Shooting will take place over three days with all Covid related precautions in place. The majority of shooting will take place outdoors. Majority of crew is vaccinated, and vaccinated applicants will be given preference in the hiring process.

A small stipend will be provided for individual cast and crew members upon completion of filming.

Performers, please reach out by email with a recording of a short monologue (any genre), headshots, a resume, and a video reel or example of previous acting work. Actors without these materials will not be considered.

Small cast needed:
The Woman- Adult actress of any age, 20 or older. MUST be represented by a member of the differently abled acting community.

The Man- Adult actor age 20-40. Preferably a large, physically imposing actor.

Multiple extras of all genders needed as well.

Crew members needed:
Sound engineer- Experienced sound technician to record sound and dialogue on set, during shooting.

Lighting engineer- Experienced lighting technician and designer for indoor and outdoor shooting sequences.

Please email with any further questions. We are so excited to hear from you all and see your auditions!

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Seeking Female Vocalists for Short Film

Seeking 3 female vocalist to rehearse and record demo soundtrack for the upcoming short film, “Industrial Cassette”, written by Sweeney Gray and produced by Sweeney Gray Studios.

Singers will be asked to participate in 2 weeks of rehearsal and recordings. All rehearsals and recordings will take place in the evening between 7:00-10:00pm. Rehearsals are set to begin as soon as possible and will be held at Buddha Haus Studios in North Denver.

Please send an email with short recording of you singing a ‘Capella (any genre) as well as a resume, headshots, a video reel or sound recording of previous singing/acting experience. Singers without the aforementioned materials will not be considered.

Although there is no pressure or commitment to be part of the filming process, all singers will have the opportunity to be considered to return to play the same character for film production.

Characters needed:
Earth Sister- Soprano 1

Water Sister- Soprano 2 or Alto 1

Air Sister- Alto

Please reach out to Sweeney Gray at with any questions! We are so excited to see your auditions and hear your wonderful voices.

Thank you in advance for your time!

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Seeking Actors for Short-Film on Suicide Awareness

Seeking Actors for a Short-film on depression and suicide awareness. The film is about two friends, one friend has committed suicide and the other friend is reminiscing about their times together and pondering on the question of why? what was the reason? Our plan with the film is to submit to film fests so there will be an opportunity for experience and exposure. No previous acting experience required all my audition.

Seeking two actors who can play 15-17-year-olds. Any race, ethnicity, and gender can audition.

If interested send a headshot and resume to or

Auditions to be held Saturday, April 24th starting at 11 am via Zoom call. Upon email submission zoom link will be given.

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Product Reveal Video Shoot

Our startup company will be filming a product unveiling video commercial in Denver the week of May 24th. Different scenes will be filmed on different days during that week.
We are looking for the following talent:

Character: husband of sudden cardiac arrest victim
male – voiceover
Actor will need to portray authentic emotion associated with having his wife collapse in Sudden Cardiac Arrest. Actor will be frantic and panicked when dialing 911, he may need to ad-lib in order to provide an authentic feel for an emergency situation.

Character: 911 dispatcher
male or female
Actor/actress will need to portray characteristics of a good 911 dispatcher– confidence, empathy and sensitivity, excellent communication skills, and portray urgency of the situation while maintaining calm. Tone of voice will be firm, calm, reassuring.

Character: Responder
Actress will be shown traveling quickly from a home setting to the scene of a Sudden Cardiac Arrest emergency. Actress must portray authentic sense of urgency, but will also exude confidence using and responding to the emergency. Actress will need to move quickly and jog/run with our device to the scene of the emergency.

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On-screen talent needed for series of short educational videos

Our company produces educational media for various clients nationwide on a variety of topics in the sciences, humanities, and quite a few technical and vocational subjects. We are looking for non-union, on-camera talent and spokesmodels to present these topics in an engaging way. You don’t have to be a subject matter expert in these topics, but you will need to present the topic with energy and confidence. Prior acting experience is not required but we prefer those with acting, teaching, training, or presentation experience.


Filming is most often done in a rented space like a conference room, classroom, hotel meeting space, or a rented office location. We sometimes use the video studio at Library 21C (Colorado Springs) or one of their meeting spaces.


The process is that we are building a contact list comprised of both men and women, English and Spanish speaking, of multiple ages, races and cultures. This is NOT a job that requires you to look like a model but a neat and clean appearance is required. In order to be eligible for the most assignments, you should have a variety of clothing styles available including casual (not “Colorado/Mountain Casual”), business casual, and full business.

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Casting Call for a Full Length Feature Horror Film in Denver, CO

Sparrow Street Films, LLC is set to film a full-length horror feature in and around the Denver Metro area starting in April/May 2021. COVID precautions will be followed. Seeking headshots and resumes from actors of all ages. Auditions will be held via Zoom starting in February. Other films slated for production in 2022-2024. A union waiver will be required for this film.

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Neon Underground Short film Seeking Assistant Director

We are seeking an Assistant Director for our short film Neon Underground which will be shooting January 4th through the 8th. We currently have a Producer/AD attached but they won’t be able to be on set the days of shooting. We are needing someone who can take the things she has prepared and aid on the days of shooting. There is no guaranteed compensation but food and gas are covered and there is the opportunity for a bonus. Thank you!

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FAST LOVE Casting Call

Production title: FAST LOVE
Union / Non-Union: Non-Union
Production type: Independent
Project length: Short Film (10 minutes)
Project format: 16:9 HD
Audition location: Video submission
Production location: Denver, Colorado
Production company: Simone Johnson Consulting LLC
Producer & Director: Simone Johnson
Shooting location: Denver, Colorado
Compensation: Yes

Auditions: Dec 14-Jan 8, 2020

Submit audition video to MP4 preferred. Include “FAST LOVE Audition” and the name of the role you’re auditioning for in the subject line.

In the video, state your full name, age and where you’re located. State which role you’re auditioning for and read the lines linked under the role you’re auditioning for.

Callbacks: Jan 8-15, 2020

Shooting starts: Feb 1, 2020 (Exact dates TBD)

Shooting ends: Mar 15, 2020

FAST LOVE is about Miranda experiencing a deep love connection with Adam. The experience happens quickly and is very intense. The relationship ends just as quickly as it started. Miranda processes a wave of emotions that come from her experience with Adam. She is processing how she’s chosen to go about exploring love since childhood. She makes the realization that one chapter of her life is closing and another is opening.

Nudity and sexual interaction required for Miranda and Adam’s roles.

Miranda is a young working professional who is doing well for herself and on the hunt for love. She thinks she’s extremely self-aware and has a lot figured out about life, but she’s in a transitionary period where her life isn’t as clear as she thinks. She has always jumped into relationships quickly.

Miranda’s lines:

Adam is a young man who is figuring out how he wants to exist in the world. He’s generally cruising through life but dealing with a lot personally. He takes life as it comes. All of his romantic relationships have been short-lived and very much centered around sex.

Adam’s lines:

Don is Miranda’s Dad. He’s an intense person who has a lot of emotional baggage and is not interested in building a deep relationship with his daughter. He’s struggled to be a part of Miranda’s life since she was born.

Don’s lines:

Janelle is Adam’s Mom. She’s raising young daughters whom she has a tumultuous relationship with. For Janelle, it’s been hard being a mom and she didn’t grow up with a good representation of what healthy motherhood was but she’s always been there for her kids.

Janelle’s lines:

Kimmy is Adam’s sister and Janelle’s daughter. She is an adolescent going through a lot of emotionally charged feelings being a teenager. She loves Adam a lot and Adam loves her a lot. She is frustrated with the way her mom chooses to show up in their relationship but doesn’t have enough adult role models to teach her what healthy communication is.

Kimmy’s lines:

Layla is Miranda’s best friend. They’ve been friends their whole lives and are deeply committed to each other. Layla is judgemental about how Miranda chooses to go about her love life but regardless is very supportive.

Layla’s lines:

Sol is Miranda’s co-worker. They have a good working relationship.

Co-worker lines:

Veronica is Miranda’s co-worker. They have a good working relationship.

Co-worker lines:

Toni is Miranda’s co-worker. They have a good working relationship.

Co-worker lines:

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Vigilante justice battles the law of order in this Colorado based film shot from January to October in the elements. Professional safety always adhered to including Covid-19 protocols that may affect shooting dates and number of individuals on set that may influence shot times.

Hispanic laborer, age 29-39. Resourceful and religious father of two daughters and one son. (January-October) State familiarity with speaking Spanish in email.
Hispanic farmer, age 26-36. Young man with entrepreneurial mindset. Father of three young daughters.(January-May) State familiarity with speaking Spanish in email.
Hispanic female, age 24-29. Tempered wife and mother.(January, May)
Hispanic female, age 21-26. Fiery wife and mother.(January, May)
Hispanic female, age 28-34. Mother of teenager. Lives at home.(January, May)
Hispanic male, age 14-16. Quiet, confident, and bold young man.(January, May, October)
White male, age 40-50. Captain. Stoic and articulate yet ruthless.(Theatre experience; able to deliver lengthy dialogue desired.) (January)
White male, age 24-30. Callous soldier willing to take desperate measures.(January)
White male, age 24-30. Determined and fearless law-officer with a history involving being robbed as a mail rider on a few occasions.(January)
Hispanic male, age 19-26. Soldier with a bloodhound mentality.(January)
4 White males, age 20-30. Soldiers.(January)

Application Information: Please include headshot(s) most important, acting experience if any, and availability. All the crew members will be required to wear masks, and all the pieces of equipment will be sanitized before and after the shoot.

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Casting Call – Children’s Storytime Webseries

Seeking talent for a children’s storytime series featuring fairy tales both popular and obscure. Talent will be expected to read aloud in front of the camera while in costume. Filming will likely take place in public areas around the northern Denver Metro area, including outdoors. Time permitting, talent may also act in B-roll footage.

Talent may also have to supply basic elements of their own costuming, though any specific or unusual items will be provided or can be expensed.

Text to be read can be provided ahead of time for review. Model release form will be required. Payment can be provided through Venmo, check, or cash. Nonunion.


Red Riding Hood – Female / White
Princess of the Springs – Female / Hispanic, Latina or Black
The One Handed Girl – Female / Black
Prince Petru – Male / White
Achmet – Male / Arabic
King Udo or King Udo’s Daughter – Male or Female / Black
The Brave Little Tailor – Male / White
Cheng the Juggler – Male / Chinese (Actual juggling skills preferred, but not required.)
The Snow Queen – Female / White

Please submit an audition video that ideally includes narration or reading.

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Neon Underground Short film

Neon Underground is a short film set in Denver in 2066. America has been under a dictatorship for 30 years at this point. Two 65 year old business partners get caught in a helpless situation after attempting to run from a fate they aren’t able to escape from. We are casting two men who can play a 60-70 age range as well as extras. We are also accepting applications for crew members. Specifically gaffers, sound technicians, and grips. Shooting will take place Jan 4th – Jan 8th throughout Colorado.

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Casting Call for “Noah’s Last Day”


A precocious kid parts with their elementary school and beloved teacher before retreating with their family into an underground fallout bunker for the foreseeable future.

NOAH: 9 or 10 years old, any gender, a bit of an oddball

NOAH’S FATHER: 40-50 years old, male, a doomsday prepper who won’t be
told how to raise his family

MS. ROSS: 20s-30s, female, Noah’s 5th grade teacher who just wants what’s
best for Noah

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CU Boulder BFA Student Film – RED STRING THEORY


Genre: surrealist drama, narrative short film
Logline: After experiencing a vivid dream about their long deceased grandmother, a young person delves into lucid dreaming to recover the lost memory of their grandmother’s voice.

Acting Roles:
1. Lazarus (18-25 years old, male or female, any ethnicity) – A somber and isolated young person, who becomes obsessed with lucid dreaming after a mysterious dream about their grandmother. They are sullen and depressed, but meticulous in their quest to remember what their grandmother sounded like.

2. Grandma Wilhelmina (50 years +, female, any ethnicity, preference for someone with a good speaking/singing voice) – An enigmatic woman, made even more abstract by Lazarus’ dream projections. Her personality is revealed through her actions.

Production Type: CU Boulder BFA student film
Shooting Schedule: One weekend (two if necessary), probably November 20th-22nd. Possible coverage shooting in early December.
Filming Location: TBA, likely in or around Boulder, CO

COVID Safety: All crew members (no more than six) will be masked. Sanitizer will be on set at all times, equipment will be meticulously wiped down. Most of the set will be indoors, but because there is very little speaking in this film, I’ll try and keep the older actor with their mask on as much as possible. 6ft spacing will be in place whenever possible.

Run Time: Short (10-15 minutes)
Compensation: $100 per actor
Contact Information: , feel free to email me for my phone number.

Audition Information:
Submissions should be received by November 8th.
Email resume, headshots, and contact info to I will email back my script, and answers to any questions you might have.
Audition material: The script for this short film is largely non-speaking, so body language/facial expression is key. If you have any tapes from past performances, please email them! If you’d like a reference for the sort of action/storytelling this film leans towards (except less grotesque), feel free to watch Un Chien Andalou
Sign up for audition time slots:
I’ve scheduled remote zoom auditions on four separate days,, but if you’d like to apply and can’t fit those times in, feel free to message me! Since there isn’t much dialogue in the script, these audition slots are more for us to get to know each other, and to ask any questions you might have.

Additional Notes: I know it’s a crazy time right now. It’ll likely be crazy for some time in the foreseeable future. I’m very grateful for any help I can get on this project. Stay healthy out there, and thanks for looking.

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Casting Call – Local Mental Health Provider Website Video Assets

Lumenati is casting 3, non-represented talent to be featured on a local Mental Health Provider’s website.

Each talent will be filmed in 180 degrees to create an interactable, rotating video on the website’s header. Production will be in Denver, Colorado on October 21 and talent will need to be available for a couple of hours to create the necessary video assets.


Person 1:
Gender: Female
Age: 40-55
Ethnicity: Black
Description: This person has faced many challenges in life but her journey has made her stronger. Her life experiences have built character, both physically and emotionally. She has personality and strength.

Person 2:
Gender: Female
Age: 30-40
Ethnicity: Hispanic
Description: This person is a busy mother and works very hard to hold everything in her life together. She is kind-looking and the type of person others feel comfortable talking too. She is always willing to help those she cares about.

Person 3:
Gender: Male
Age: 20-30
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Description: This person is a bit unconventional. He has a rebellious streak but is not too extreme in his looks or habits. He works hard and plays hard, and strives to make his life mater.

Compensation: Paid

Union Status: Non-Union

Audition Information: Email with a headshot and a website or a link to work samples.

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6:19 Casting Call

Title: 6:19
Genre: Mockumetrey, Drama

When a crew from a wealthy spring area comes to interview town members permanently stuck in fall, they realize the town makes up for its poor growing conditions with heart.

Ben – (Age 20 – 40): A career-driven filmmaker, Ben holds his projects above everything else. Everything.

Catalina – (Age 20 – 40): Catalina comes from privilege, the same as Ben, but allows herself to recognize this. She works until she feels she is hurting.
(Skill: Spanish speaker)

Mateo – (Age 18 – 35): A young man who works hard to help Santino. He feels it is the least he can do for him.
(Skill: Spanish speaker)

Santino – (Age 40 – 50): A man who is happy with his life. He wishes for little more than a living and making those around him happy.
(Skill: Spanish speaker)

Production Company:
Director: Ellie Graphman, Producer: Nhan Van

Production Type: Student Film (CU Denver)
Contact Information:
Producer – Nhan van –
Director – Ellie Graphman –

Run Time: Short, 7-10 min
Compensation: Unpaid, reel footage, and food will be supplied.

Union Status: Non-union

Audition Information: Please email headshot, and/or reel along with which character you are interested in. Auditions will be scheduled for an online video conference or Casting Sessions. Please submit all other inquiries to the listed email.

Shooting Schedule: TBD – (Target dates: Last week of October) (1-3 Days shoot)

Filming Location: (TBD)

Per our school’s protocol, and to ensure safety on our sets, crew, and cast will be limited to 6 people at a time. Masks will be required between takes, and we will be sanitizing throughout.

For more information about the project:

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Casting and Crew Call for Thesis Film “Unspoken Dream”

Title: An Unspoken Dream (Paid)

Genre: Drama, Family

Logline: When a father comes to the US for son’s graduation ceremony, a Chinese international student has to break the secret that she’s been hiding from her family for years.

– Father/ Mother, 35-70 years old, Asian, has to be fluent in Mandarin or Cantonese. Description: A struggling parent who’s been trying to help his daughter as much as he can. However, after Daughter moving to the US, he feels more and more powerless in helping her. As the daughter is discovering new passions, he is still emotionally trapped in the old days, when he was the one that could guide her to the future he imagines.
– The College Student, 18-27 years old, Asian, casting both male and female, also have to be fluent in Mandarin or Cantonese. Description: Grew up in China, but moved to the US alone when she/(he) was 14. Towards her/(his) high school graduation, she/(he) realizes that she/(he) has a separate passion from the path that her/(his) parents presented to her/(him). Knowing that the relationship between her/(him) and her/(his) parents has been challenging, and they would freak out, she/(he) chose to hide it. Therefore, she/(he) went on a separate path, alone, chasing a dream hidden from her/(his) parents. Simultaneously, showing fake evidence that’s she/(he) was on her/(his) original path. Now, she/(he) needs to find a way to break this secret.

Application Information: Please include headshots, acting reel, and state your familiarity with speaking Mandarin or Cantonese in your application.
Please apply as soon as you can if you are interested.

I am also actively looking to hire industry professionals to join my crew to take this film to the next level. Production designer, producer, composer, etc, please send me your portfolio/ reel/ website, IMDB page and I’ll get back to you if we are a good fit

Production Type: Student BFA Thesis Film

Contact Information:, Portfolio:

Run Time: 15 minutes

Compensation: Professionally Paid

Project Description: What if a college student chose not to tell her parents about her college major during the entirety of her college life, and decides to share it in the last week of graduation.
How would you break the secret? As a parent, how would you react?
This film will be my answer.

For more information about the project:

Ensuring our crew and cast are safe from COVID-19 will be our number one priority during the production. All the crew members will be required to wear masks, and all the pieces of equipment will be sanitized before and after the shoot.
Thank you!

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Student Film “Grocery Store Flowers”

Title: Grocery Store Flowers
Genre: Drama
Logline: A chance encounter between a writer and his former-teacher’s widow leads each to re-evaluate their life.
Please email Headshots, resume and role preference to by the 2nd of OCT. and we will send you an audition side for your tape.
Julianne, (F, 60’s, any race) Main character: A retired woman who always tries to be unashamedly herself and cares deeply about those around her.
Nathan, (M, Mid-20’s, any race) Main Character: A young journalist, who is passionate about the people he loves but has commitment issues.
Lance, (M, Mid-20’s, any race) Main Character: A city boy who loves Nathan but frustrated from the lack of affection given to him.
Directed by: Alexander Elmore
Production Type: CU Denver Student Short Film – Senior Thesis
Compensation: Credit, Meals, Final film for reel.
Union Status: Non-Union
Shooting Schedule: 10th, 11th, 17th, and 18th of October. A few virtual or in person rehearsals will happen beforehand.
Filming Location: Denver, CO
COVID-19 Safety procedures: 6 people max will be on set at any given time (4 crew, 2 actors). Masks will be worn at all times, except when actors are doing takes. Meals and crafts will be packaged individually. Hand sanitizer for each person will be provided, and equipment and all surfaces will be sanitized regularly.

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Casting Call For Upcoming Student Film

Casting Information

*This 15-minute short is part of the University of Colorado Cinema Studies & Moving Image Arts BFA program*

Title of Film: Your Personal Spirit Guide: For Beginner Mediums

Genre: Dark Comedy

Logline: A middle-aged medium is having difficulties connecting with the spirit world until one day he is assigned a guide; unfortunately, the guide is a perverted ghost who is terrible at giving advice.

Short Summary: This dark and humorous British tale surrounds Danny, a middle-aged medium who realizes his potential in connecting with the spirit world and wishes to help those seeking closure. Unfortunately, a mental wall prevents him from reaching his fullest psychic abilities. Soon enough, Danny is greeted by Mr. Vetala, an ancient perverted ghost who will guide Danny and help him breakthrough to the other side. After lessons and several glasses of kombucha, Danny feels prepared to tackle his first patient, Dolly White, and connect with her deceased father.

Location: A modern home with an office space

-Danny: British, early 30’s, slightly balding, wears thick-framed glasses
-Mr. Vetala: the perverted ghost, Indian, 40’s
Vetala (Hindu folklore): Spirits who tend to haunt places of burial and charnel grounds; trapped between life and the afterlife, they can take possession of corpses and cause all kinds of crazy trouble for the living.
-Dolly White: British, late 20’s, dirty blonde hair, mousy
*all roles are non-paid

Shoot Dates: Production will begin October 24th and end November 14th (Weekend shooting mostly)

COVID Precautions:
In these times of uncertainty, it is my job as director and overseer of production to make sure the cast and crew working on set will remain safe and healthy. In order to ensure this, I will be providing my team with cleaning supplies. I will not allow more than seven people on set at a time, and social distancing will be enforced. In terms of catering, there will be no sharing of food; everything will be individually wrapped. The crew will be masked at all times and must remain in their designated positions. Any hair and makeup application will be done by the actor. Every prop touched will be disinfected before and after each shoot. Any location I intend to shoot at will not be around crowds or others at high-risk. I will be contacting the cast and crew often to make sure everyone is safe and healthy so that we can have the best on-set experience.

Submissions & Contact Info:
-If you are interested in any of these roles, please email me at with your name, acting experience (if any), a headshot, which character you are auditioning for, and a reliable phone number. Following this response, I will email you back with the script and how to sign up for audition slots.
-Submissions must be turned in no later than September 26th at 1pm
-Auditions will be held on October 3rd

Thank you for your interest!

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Student Film – “Nowhere”

This is a student film about three old souls nearing the end of their time in this world and lighting up a doobie as a small final stand against the immortal wave of time.
If you are interested in auditioning, please email me at I will send you a side and then have you send us a video audition.


Gerald- 70’s, casting in the age range of sixties and up. A Vietnam veteran, a man whose family has abandoned him in a nursing home.he is scared to die and worries about his entrance to heaven. He is the denial or mortality.

Jean- 70’s, casting in the age range of sixties and up. A hippie in her younger years, she is at peace with death, she views it as a release. She’s the one who supplies the weed and guides Gerald on his journey to nowhere.

Eugene: 70’s, casting in the range of sixties and up. A man in the grips of death. He is the balance between them, he fears but doesn’t have the time to contemplate as he just wants a release from the pain. He is ready for the end.

Due to COVID -19, we are looking to cast actors who are a couple for Gerald and Jean, so that we can film scenes with them together in the same room. That being said, you are not required to be in a couple to audition. If we are not able to find actors who are a couple, we have a backup shooting plan that will not require actors to be on set together. Also the crew and cast will be required to wear masks on set. The only time someone will be removing their mask on set will be the actors when the camera is rolling. The actor acting will be the only one unmasked and will only unmask after action has been called. The mask will be put back on after cut is called. Set and equipment will be sanitized as well. Cast and crew safety is on immense importance on set.

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Casting Bilingual Real Moms – Denver Area

About the Job:
Client is seeking nano-influencers to create content for social campaigns.
If selected this is a PAID job. Potentially recurring gig!

Casting Breakdown:
Real Mom’s, age 25-50, all ethnicities

Bilingual – English/Spanish
Social Savvy – Must be creative, enjoy creating video content, have ability to tape yourself, take direction and look good and have fun on camera.

We are casting multiple women!
They don’t have to be actors, just comfortable on camera.
Must be located in the Denver area.

Please contact ASAP for submission instructions.
Deadline to submit – Wednesday Sept. 9th @ 1PM EST

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Female Lead needed for short commercial

We are looking for a woman with a diverse background to star in our short commercial. (All supporting roles thus far are white and we aim to add diversity to our story.) We are a radical self care natural product company making a short 1 1/2 minute product ad. The role involves one line and several expressions. We will shoot two half days, August 5th West Boulder Mountains and August 6th in Golden. Pay is a token $50 each half day.

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Casting Two Females (30-50) for a one-scene half-day outdoor shoot

Seeking two females (30-50), any ethnicity, for a one-scene half-day outdoor shoot for a Sundance Collab directing mentoring program. The shoot will be in Denver Metro sometime during the July 17-19 window [updated]. Unpaid, non-union, food/beverage included.
This is a single scene shoot for a Sundance Collab directing mentoring program.
Will follow COVID film production protocols, including minimal crew (all with appropriate protective equipment), social distancing, all outdoors, etc.
Online rehearsals.
Logline: “Twin sisters face off in a contest of wit and practical jokery while grappling with unrecognized resentment and anger about their mother’s passing.”

Blair is a days-shy-of-40 [or another age between 30-50] investment advisor. Jesse is a corporate attorney and Blair’s twin sister. Jesse has moved in with her sister since their mom, who had been living with Blair, passed away a year ago. Because Blair and Jesse are twins they will need to look somewhat similar age-wise and otherwise.

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Looking for Motion Graphics wizard is a virtual All Star Cheer Competition platform. We need to add talent to our amazing team to help us in the production of our prerecorded LIVE Social Media Streamed Events. If you have expertise in high energy sports oriented production work we would like to speak with you. Please reach out via email or call. 7202618293 or

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Calling for an actress ages 18-30

Film synopsis: A young woman named Bee battles the temptation to put herself in harms way to keep the company of a mysterious voice from the past. After hearing the voice below the surface of her bathtub, she returns time after time to feel close to it. But what is once a place of familiar comfort soon turns dark, and Bee is left with a choice: to stay in the water and risk meeting the fate of what lies below or to watch it all circle the drain once and for all.

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Casting Real Moms – Denver Area

About the Job:

Client is seeking nano-influencers to create content for social campaigns.

If selected this is a PAID job.

Casting Breakdown:

Real Mom’s, age 25-50, all ethnicities

Social Savvy – Must be creative, enjoy creating video content, have ability to tape yourself, take direction and look good and have fun on camera.

Must be located in Denver Area

Submission Instructions:



Submit Google Form –


Submit the following to via

– Recent Snapshots (Close up and Full Length)

– 1 minute video “About Me” Video FILMED ON YOUR PHONE AT HOME. Can talk about hobbies or what you like to do (cooking, makeup, fitness, family etc.)

Be creative – we want to see your personality!

Video should have social media feel – it’s not a professionally done video.

Thank you and we look forward to working with you!

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Western short needs CREW and TALENT

The cast is ninety percent Asian and features Asian women protagonists in action roles. The action takes place in a saloon set in Denver’s Chinatown in 1880. Looking for for three Asian women (18-29) and male roles including Asian, Hispanic, Black (any age) for scuzzy bounty hunters and hired killers. Also one trans Asian female/feminine. For crew we need a DP, Set Designer, Costume Designer, Make-up, Special Fx, Editor, Colorist, and Social Media Manager.

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Colorado Tourism Casting


real couples and families or friends that know each other over separate talent that is put together because we are looking for an authentic experience /chemistry between them.


Mom + Dad + 2 kids

Mom and Dad in their mid 40s

Kids around 7-12 years old

Younger Couple:

1 Male – Mid 30s

1 Female – Mid 30s


2 male partners or 2 female partners

Mid 30s

Older Couple:

1 male – around 60 years old

1 woman – around 60 years old

Talent has to look their age i.e. could just be hair with some grey in it

Production Company: Farm League

Production Type: Commercial

Compensation: $1000 flat.

Union Status: Non-Union

Audition Information: send photos/videos of couple or family skiing or snowmobiling, ect.

Shooting Schedule: 3/17-3/19.

Filming Location: Crested Butte

Project Description: Colorado Tourism spot, promoting travel and tourism in Colorado.

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Audition for Short Film “The Milieu”

Hello, we are currently casting for several characters for our new short film titled, The Milieu, which will be shooting May 22-25 (Memorial Day Weekend), 2020 near Estes Park, CO.

About the short film:

The film (currently titled “The Milieu”) follows John, an addiction counselor approaching 40 years old, on the day that he is to receive his five year sobriety coin at an AA meeting.  Achieving this sober milestone is compromised when he learns that his partner has OD’d and John proceeds to steal drugs from a new client at his rehab facility, leading to his relapse.  The film is about the cycle of addiction and how the shame and guilt that comes from being an addict is never far away.

We are currently casting for:

-JOHN – Late 30s/early 40s- A gay man who holds his cards close to his chest though he is comfortable with himself. He has the look of a guy who has been through a lot, and he has—a stint in prison, multiple rehab trips, lots of drug use, etc. But he has been able to kick his addiction to Benzos for the past 5 years and has held down a steady job at a rehab but his sobriety is a day to day internal ordeal.

-DEBBIE: Caucasian – Mid to late 20s- Debbie is a homeless girl who is still very much under the influence of drugs, particularly heroin. She has been on the streets for several months and has recently made it to the mountain town of Estes Park.

-DAWN: Caucasian – Mid 40s to 50s. Dawn is a recovering addict but has been sober for more than 20 years. She is married to a recovering addict as well and her entire life is dedicated to helping this community. But Dawn also has a very tough exterior since she is responsible for running the day to day operations at the rehab.

Auditions will be held Saturday, March 7th, from 10am to 1pm in Colorado Springs. (Address to be given out after initial email screening)

The short film roles are paid, and the film is SAG-contract.

Please send an email to with:

1) a quick note about yourself, 2) a link to IMDB or resume of relevant acting experience, 3) a photo or headshot (even a selfie will work), and 4) preferably an acting or link to work on YouTube we can watch.

Thank you and look forward to hearing from you.

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“Un Cielo Rojo”…A Red Sky (Horro/Magical Realism short)

Logline: When Valentina’s husband dies she takes her son Angel to a nice get-away to a family cabin out in the mountains to escape their profound grief and loss. However, a tall old man will haunt them during their stay there and will make them regret ever coming to that cabin for the rest of their lives…


Valentina Calderon (Female – age: 25-35)

*Dark Skin/Light dark skin

*Indigenous/Latinx Features (Black eyes/hair. Pronounced nose and lips)

*Speaks Fluent Spanish (a little bit we can work with too)

Angel Calderon (age: 8-12 years old)

*Light dark skin

*Indigenous/Latinx Features

*Speak some Spanish

*Body complexion is a bit thick

Crow man

(age: 40-70 years old)


*Has a large nose, big and deep eyes. Must be tall.

*Body complexion is a skinny and long arms.

****Looking for SFX editor and Make-up artist as well*****

NON-UNION/unpaid. Food will be provided on set as well as a copy of the final cut of the film/footage for reel. Being Part of screening/Q&A when selected into to festivals.

Contact: (Director) or (Producer) for further information and dates to audition.

“Un Cielo Rojo”…A Red Sky (Horro/Magical Realism short)

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‘Chicken or Fish?’

Logline: A stubborn mule, Marvin, celebrates his 40th anniversary with both his embattled wife, Sylvia, and his paralyzing alcohol addiction. In order to save the night and his marriage, he’ll have to undergo a series of surrealistic trials that pin his demons against him.

Supporting Roles: (*open to gender reversal)

*PHILIPPE, (30s) an English coat check that works at the “Pas De Deux” Restaurant — chipper and full of wit, opens the film with Marvin and Sylvia.

*JACQUES, (mid-40s) a snooty French waiter — extremely irritable when it comes to indecisive elderly diners, name drops the title of film at the end.

CHARLIE, (mid-40s) restlessly droll, pompous, and otherwise a clean-freak — the HERALD of the film.

*DEAN, (late-20s) a black gentleman who works at the Berkshire Inn, suited in hotel attire from the 1930s — he’s as charming as he is eerie, (think twilight zone), restlessly swats at a fly while having a conversation with Marvin.

*KYLE, (mid-40s) a repulsive fellow who lives an endless cycle checking into his room of torture at the Berkshire.

EUGENE, (60s-70s) Marvin’s alcoholic father — confronts his son in a dark void, BEARDED and heavy-set.

FREDO, (50) a dear friend of Marvin’s — although we never see him his role is integral to the film, he has a raspy voice and is very eccentric, guides Marvin back to a better self.

^Tentatively Filming the first (2) weekends of April (Fri/Sat/Sun)

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