Angel Wing Productions is currently casting the following roles for a crime drama pilot. We are also seeking to fill multiple crew positions including a Director, Grips, and PAs. Please email with a resume and reel (if available) and note what role(s) you are interested in. Auditions will consist of self-tapes; callbacks and crew interviews may occur over Zoom.

Filming will take place in late June and early July (exact dates TBD) in and around Littleton and Centennial, CO. Currently, all positions on this project are unpaid, so we’re really looking for people who are excited about it and want to collaborate. We want this to be a great experience for everyone involved and are open to doing anything we can to make sure everyone gets something out of it. However, the pilot will be used as a proof of concept for pitching and fundraising in hopes that we’ll be able to produce the full series next summer (though, of course, there are no guarantees that this will be possible). If that is the case, everyone will definitely be paid, and if the pilot makes any profit, it will be split up between the cast and creative team.

ETHAN (Male, 18-22, any ethnicity): Adeline and Alyssa’s stepbrother and Kristen’s son from her first marriage. At first glance, Ethan is a charming, funny young man who joined the army after graduating high school and seems to have a bright future ahead. He’s trying hard to be that person, but he can’t seem to control his darker side. Underneath his charismatic exterior, Ethan is troubled, hardened, and potentially dangerous. (LEAD)

KRISTEN (Female, 40-60, any ethnicity): William’s kind, elegant wife who effortlessly steals the attention from every room. She seems to be the perfect mother: gentle, patient, selfless. She truly loves her kids and wants to make up for all of the trauma Adeline and Alyssa dealt with in the past. However, there’s only so much she can handle, and perfection is just an illusion. As her world falls apart, she begins to unravel and realizes she might not be the person she thought she was. (LEAD)

WILLIAM (Male, 45-60, white): Adeline and Alyssa’s father. He’s equal parts dorky and distant dad. William is a workaholic doctor who sincerely loves his family. He does his best, but he can’t help feeling a bit of regret and shame that his life hasn’t turned out how he had hoped, and his daughters are unfortunately a constant reminder of that. He is a little bit old-fashioned and a lot rich, so he doesn’t quite fit into the modern world. He considers himself the protector of his family and can’t handle his failure to fulfill that role. (LEAD)

JADE (Female, 30-40, white): Adeline and Alyssa’s birth mother. She grew up in foster care and became pregnant with twins when she was only 20. She has a turbulent, traumatic past and doesn’t live for much more than drugs and men. She has attempted to turn her life around, but the universe seems to have other plans for her. (SUPPORTING)

RONAN (Male, 35-50, any ethnicity): Jade’s on-again, off-again boyfriend. He is abusive, paranoid, and dangerous, but he takes care of her enough to make her believe he loves her. (SUPPORTING)

YOUNG ADELINE (Female, 9-13 to play 10, white): A sweet, shy little girl who desperately wants to be loved. She is terrified of doing the wrong thing and does her best to be perfect. She sees the best in everyone despite being let down time and again. Ideally, the actresses playing Young Adeline and Young Alyssa will be sisters/twins. Please note if actor has a sister who would be interested, even if they are not an actor. (SUPPORTING)

YOUNG ALYSSA (Female, 9-13 to play 10, white): Adeline’s outspoken, outgoing twin sister. Even though she’s only four minutes older, Alyssa considers it her responsibility to protect her sister. She’s a bit more cynical about the world and is unafraid to push back against what she finds unfair. Ideally, the actresses playing Young Adeline and Young Alyssa will be sisters/twins. Please note if actor has a sister who would be interested, even if they are not an actor. (SUPPORTING)

DETECTIVE RICHARDS (Any gender, 30-50 any ethnicity): The lead detective investigating Ethan’s murder. They were recently promoted to Detective and are eager to solve this case. They’re suspicious of everyone, but smart enough not to show it. (SUPPORTING)

GARRET (Male or non-binary, 15-19, any ethnicity): Adeline’s best friend. Garret is the gay son of conservative, homophobic parents and hasn’t told his parents about his sexuality. He is deeply struggling with the anniversary of his boyfriend’s death, something only Adeline knows about. LGBTQ+ actors encouraged to submit. (SMALL SUPPORTING)

DYLAN (Male, 16-20, any ethnicity): Alyssa’s to-good-to-be-true boyfriend. He’s not your average teenage boy; he’s mature, responsible, and caring, but he also has a jealous side. (SMALL SUPPORTING)

MCKENNA (Female or non-binary, 15-20, any ethnicity): Adeline and Alyssa’s childhood best friend who is newly discovering her rebellious side and growing more distant from them. (SMALL SUPPORTING)

QUINN (Female or non-binary, 15-20, any ethnicity): One of Garret’s friends. She is a bit of an oddball and lives in her own world, but she is somehow still very popular. (SMALL SUPPORTING)

JACKSON (Any gender, 0-2, any ethnicity): Adeline and Alyssa’s baby brother, seen in one very brief flashback scene. (SMALL SUPPORTING)

EXTRAS (Any gender, all ages, all ethnicities): Seeking multiple extras for

Logline: After a turbulent childhood, identical twins Adeline and Alyssa Collins have finally settled into life with their father, stepmother, and stepbrother. As they begin their senior year of high school, both are Ivy League-bound and have an unbreakable bond. But when their stepbrother is found dead in the family’s basement and one of the twins’ DNA appears at the crime scene, they begin to question whether they really know the people around them– or themselves.

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