Colorado Filming Incentives

Colorado’s film incentives program offers qualifying productions a competitive 20% tax rebate credit!

Guidelines for Obtaining the Film Incentive Rebate:

photo by: Justin Griesinger

Qualifying projects must be a creative visual production including, but not limited to: feature films, t.v. shows, commercials, music videos, video game development or any other major form of recorded audio/visual production intended for theatrical use, and/or for internal industrial, corporate or institutional use.

Out-of-state production companies will need to spend at least $1,000,000 on local production costs to qualify for the incentive rebate (with the exception of TV commercials and video game productions spending a minimum of $250,000 locally). Colorado based production companies will need to spend at least $100,000 on production expenditures to qualify for the tax credit. At least 50% of your workforce needs to be Colorado residents.

Local production expenditures may include: local crew and talent wages, pre-production and post production elements, set construction, location and prop rentals, special effects, equipment rentals, travel fares, insurance, lodging and food, audio and visual recording techniques, or any other incurred cost made in connection to the progression of the final production.

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photo by: Brook Aitken

Filming Permits in Colorado

Before you begin your production, be sure you have the appropriate permits and approvals within the city limits of your production location. You will need to contact the “county office” of where you are filming to inquire about their specific filming permit application procedures. It is usually called a “general use” or “special events” permit.

Denver County Film Permits & Guidelines

Filming Locations in Colorado