As part of the shooting of a feature film “TASHA” to be produced by a group of young directors in collaboration with Ghetto Film ;
we are looking for the following profiles

PITCH :This is the story of TASHA who is rescued by GRED, a rich billionaire who holds her prisoner and is coveted by Ethan, the son of a famous painter who is desperate to win TASHA’s heart.

TASHA : 20-25 years old Beautiful, thoughtful, cute, exemplary attitude, and very strategic.

ETHAN : 25-30 years old Elegant, charismatic, clever, confident airs, seductive but sometimes confused.

To apply, please send the following documents to the e-mail address provided:

– Last name :
– First name :
– Height :
– Selfie Recent full-length photo :
– Date of birth :
– Town of residence :
– Address :
– Telephone number :
– Demo tape (if available) :

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