Action Medical LLC

Action Medical LLC

  • 1st year in Industry: 2013
  • Union: Union & Non-Union


Action Medical, LLC prides ourselves on our ability to allow for flexible scheduling, while providing excellent medical care for your production. Only staffing employees with the highest levels of training and professionalism in the medical field specifically for TV/Film production sets. We are the only company to offer SetMedic’s with previous PA experience. All of our Medics have a film background, navigating your production on set with safety and wellness for cast and crew is our priority.

In lieu of COVID-19 and the ever changing situation, we have a team of COVID Compliance officers in addition to our set medics who will ensure everyone is following the proper guidelines when it comes to COVID-19 rules/regulations. We also can provide COVID-19 testing for your production team, crew, and talent following all SAG and IATSE guidelines.

We service a number of states with medical services and COVID Compliance officers as well as Rapid PCR, Rapid Antigen, and PCR testing all approved by SAG and IATSE guidelines. The states we currently service are the following, but more to come: California, Florida, Mississippi, Virginia, Washington, Louisiana, Montana, Utah, Wyoming, New Mexico, Oregon, Arizona, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, South & North Dakota, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina.

Action Medical also offers services for executive protection on filming sets. We can provide the set with basic security and secure all entry and exit locations to ensure a safe environment for the filming crews. If there are higher profile personnel on set, we can provide personal security for members of the staff. The staff all come from a military / law enforcement background and have all worked in specialized units performing executive protection. The staff is highly trained in de-escalation tactics, medical training, arrest control and threat identification. The professionalism and customer service provided.

We look forward to working with you on your next production!

Jennie H.