Amanda M. Edwards

Amanda M. Edwards

  • 1st year in Industry: 2014


Amanda M. Edwards was born into the world of music, dance, and theatre thanks to parents in the performing arts. She studied dance, theater, choreography and education while appearing onstage at the Oriental Theater, Cleo Parker Robinson Dance, and internationally at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

While in college, Amanda felt called to pursue mental healthcare, obtaining a Masters of Science degree in Counseling and becoming a Certified Yoga and Meditation Teacher specializing in Somatic and Attachment healing with attunement to the Autonomic Nervous System.

For over a decade, Amanda worked in the nonprofit sector, providing therapy, case management, and support to women and children with trauma while building her on and off-camera film skills.

In 2020, Amanda decided to unite her love of acting and choreography with her knowledge of trauma, somatic awareness, the body and its boundaries, and client advocacy to embrace the new role of Intimacy Coordinator and then pioneering and defining the role of Mental Health Coordinator for film.

Amanda’s training in Mental Health and Intimacy Coordination is International and she’s learned from some of the most highly regarded pioneers in the field. Her passion for the work has her collaborating with productions across all genres, platforms, and budgets as she believes firmly that every production which requires Mental Health or Intimacy Coordination absolutely deserves to have that support.

She still serves clients with trauma and other mental health conditions in her private practice located in Parker, Colorado in between productions on-location across the country.