Carmichael Productions, Inc.

Carmichael Productions, Inc.

  • 1st year in Industry: 1972
  • Union: APA


Carmichael Productions, Inc. offers high-end photography services along with a Boulder insert studio. Bob Carmichael is a commercial director/cameraman and still photographer and brings a wide range of production savvy and talent to his print assignments. Winner in the Sports Category 2011 American Photographic Artist competition. 9 Nominations International Master Color Awards Cup in sports, advertising, and fine artn. The originator of PhotoGRAPHICvideo which won 7 Telly Awards 2010 for all stills – motion video for the band Maroon 5. Please view @

Expertise:  Adventure, extreme sports, fashion, editorial, kids, sports, music, marine and aerial images, portraits, performance, behind-the-scenes, landscapes, and architecture.

Production Services: We will host visiting out-of-state and out-of-country agencies and production companies in Colorado. We offer comprehensive casting, scouting, bidding, production management and top level crewing for your production.  We also offer producing and production management of your projects. Read our reviews and view behind the scenes images @

Carmichael has a studio in Boulder and his work can be viewed at