Christopher J Roe

Christopher J Roe

  • 1st year in Industry: 2012
  • Union: IATSE local 600, SOC, SOA


Christopher J Roe is a Denver based cinematographer / Steadicam Operator with a focus on Commercial and Narrative films and is available for hire worldwide.

Steadicam Rigs:

Arri Trinity / Artemis,  TIFFEN G70x & G50x Arm. Ronin and wheels / gear head operator.

With a wide range of experience with different camera systems Chris is confident with all camera’s and camera tech. His Current Skill sets are Steadicam, Gimbal, Gear heads, car rigging and U arm systems. As part of the SOA ( Steadicam Operators Association ) and SOC ( Society of Cinematographers Associate Member ) Chris has proven to be a solid asset to any production with the right skills and knowledge.

Current Gear list at

Availability: Please email, text, or call for current availability, rates, and gear lists: Cell: 720.775.5567