David Glessner

David Glessner

  • 1st year in Industry: 2019
  • Union: No Union


Hi I’m David Glessner, I’m a commercial photographer deeply embedded in the auto/moto, lifestyle, & industrial content. I do also run a DG Works, a Denver based media production company.


I’m all about being apart of a collaborative crew, because it truly brings the best in everyone when done right. My photo team & I are fun & easy to work with, we’re easily adaptable to any situation that comes on set, and we’ll execute your vision, while staying on budget and on schedule.


I’m super confident in my abilities and know that any project I’d take on, the team & I are going to crush it. I also recognize that, I’m not the best and I’m all about hearing other people’s ideas or solutions to problems that arise on set. I truly believe everyone is equal and can voice their opinion, as long as it’s in a positive or critical matter. Communication is one of the most important aspects to any project, being able to speak up and direct in order to make the best possible image.


I also really trust in my location scouting ability, scouting locations for car shoots have really prepared me to location scout for anything else. I have a huge eye for detail & colors, in regards to locations. What locations match with the product I am shooting, recognizing environment, aesthetic, & whether it’s on brand or not. But also, recognizing when it’s good to break the rules with the location. Instead of having a new car shot in another parking garage for the 100th time or just the mountains, having the location be at a basketball court. Something a little different, and then it’s up to the creative team to execute it.


All in all, I’m all about improving and creating great photos for quality brands & companies


Interested in my work or curious about my company,

visit https://davidglessnerworks.com/ or feel free to drop me an email at: