Dean Hughart

Dean Hughart

  • 1st year in Industry: 2020


Dean is honored to be a part of the Colorado Film Community. Beginning as a musician and studio recording engineer, Dean discovered his passion for film sound recording after moving to Denver, CO in 2021. He has since worked on five feature productions, dozens of independent short films, and a variety of commercial and corporate shoots.

Dean was born in Philadelphia, PA, and began his musical journey in the fourth grade on clarinet. In high school, Dean began creating original music with friends, and learned to use multiple DAWs (digital audio workstations). Dean studied Music and Audio & Music Engineering at the University of Rochester (2020), where he experienced professional-grade studio recording for the first time. He interned at Rittenhouse Soundworks, a recording studio in Philadelphia, and worked as assistant to the Line Producer for World Cafe at WXPN.

Since then, Dean has been building a list of IMDb credits and working on his own independent projects. For more information, check out his website: