Luke Askelson

Luke Askelson

  • 1st year in Industry: 2010
  • Union: non-union


Luke is an Emmy award winning cinematographer living in Denver, Colorado. He has worked in the art of cinematography for 11 years and specializes in narrative films, documentaries and travel TV shows. International travel ready. Gear list below:


Alexa MiniLF Package (Cage, Mattebox, Handheld grips, 6x 1TB compact drives, 4x HyperCore gold mount batteries)


Tokina Cinema Vista 6 Primes(18, 25, 35, 50, 85, all t1.5, 100Macro t2.8), Tiffen Rota Pola 


DanaDolly, Sachtler sb6 and sticks, MoviXL gimbal


Arri Fresnel location kit w/ChimeraSoftBox, 2x KinoFlo 2′ 4bank, 4x Nanlite LED Tubes.