MFG Studios, Denver

MFG Studios, Denver

  • 1st year in Industry: 1994


Sound Stage:

Conveniently located in central Denver, MFG has a brand new intimate 800 square foot sound stage available with a telepromter, green and blue screens, lighting grid, large television screens, and cameras available, along with a professional four seat news set and a talk show set.  In addition we have a large control room, a make up room, and office space available for your use.  Our comfortable boutique sound stage is perfect for shooting commercials, webcasts, and green screen footage.

More About MFG

Since 1994 MFG has provided reliable 24/7 Television Live Shots for all of the major news networks. Outfitted for seamless global broadcasting, both live and recorded, MFG emphasizes a comfortable, personable and professional TV headshot experience for guests. MFG also provides affordable virtual events, satellite media tours, webcasting, podcasting, voice over recordings and full video production services.

Live Shots for Television & Internet, Virtual Events

MFG uses the LTN Global Network to transmit in HD and SD around the world, with 1080i or 720p for high definition transmission and Internet streaming productions. 4:3 or 16:9 ratios are also available for your affordable Internet streaming shows. Using a 65″ plasma screen background, MFG provides specialized virtual sets with a variety of backgrounds including videos, photos, graphics, logos or green screen to personalize your headshot. Professional make-up artists are available 24/7 as well.

MFG can help you host your live Virtual Event. Use our professional studio and sets to talk interactively with your constituents at your Virtual Summit.

Webcasting, Podcasting, Web & Video Conferencing, Streaming & Video Production

MFG is fully equipped to offer services for professional quality live or taped webcasts and podcasts, including backup audio to stream, a teleprompter, computer connections, confidence monitors and connection to remote software.

We have complete video production services for HD broadcasting and professional video conferencing. Corporations, small businesses, non-profits, or individuals work with our experienced staff to hone the message and tell your story for multimedia platform distribution. Create your video or news release with our knowledgeable, creative production staff for webcasts, podcasts, websites, product shots, and training videos.

Satellite Media Tours, Voice Over Recordings

Need a cost-effective Media Tour for yourself or a client? Sit in one place and interview with multiple influential interviewers to save time and money with your marketing campaign. Record the interviews or air them live anywhere in the world. We enjoy helping you promote your products and success.  MFG also provides broadcast quality soundtracks. Record a professional voice over or music at our intimate sound stage.