Morgane Hayes

Morgane Hayes

  • 1st year in Industry: 2016


My name is Morgane Hayes I’m a Production Coordinator based in Denver, CO. I also work in the Art Department, Wardrobe Department, and as a Local Fixer in Aspen. While I often work in the Denver Metro area, I go all over Colorado and am always willing to travel across the US and internationally.

For the past 9 years, I’ve supported teams on stills shoots, commercials, live events, marketing, digital content series, documentaries, TV series, and indie features. I’ve also worked as a Creative Coordinator for a local Wardrobe Stylist, a Lead Project Manager & Human Resources Manager for an Apparel Manufacturing & Wardrobe Styling company, and a Production Coordinator in Aspen.

Being on set is my favorite place to be! Being able to wear many hats has honed my strong skills to ensure I provide the best support on all types of shoots. My main goal is to ensure that productions run smoothly, goals are met, the team feels supported, and we all stay calm in the chaos.

I’d love to connect and discuss helping you on your next shoot!