R.C. Walker

R.C. Walker

  • 1st year in Industry: 2011
  • Union: Non-union


As a cinematographer / operator, R.C. Walker works with clients around the world on features, television and commercial projects. Born and raised in Aspen, R.C. lived in Hawaii and France before deciding to come back to the states to further pursue his cinematography career.

Currently based just outside of Boulder, he is one of the founders of La Storia Productions, an award-winning video production company. In addition to his company projects, he works as a freelancer-for-hire, and is comfortable in most production environments, be it in-studio, on-location, or the extreme outdoors.

His passion shows through his work. He enjoys the privilege of telling stories and the creative process / challenges that come with each new project. Outside of work he enjoys time with his wife, rescue pup and the pleasantries of the mountains.

Clients Include: Canon, Lamborghini, The Discovery Channel, Volvo, Freightliner, Seagate, KASK, NC Department of Transportation, Compass Group, Giordana

Toys Include: RED Weapon 8K Package, Movi Pro, Audio Pkg, DactylCam Cable Cam, G&E Gear, and a variety of other gear, please email for the complete list.