Sean Endres

Sean Endres

  • 1st year in Industry: 2015


Sean is a cinematographer and camera operator working on branded docs, commercials, and documentary projects. He uses his background as an outdoorsman and action sports athlete to thrive in unpredictable situations and is comfortable working with crews ranging in size from one-man-bands to 20+.

As a technician, Sean is a capable backcountry filmmaker, Steadicam owner/operator, gimbal operator, and has experience working with motion control systems for remote operation, as well as time-lapses.

Since 2015, when he first entered the media and entertainment industry, Sean has collaborated with multiple Fortune 500 companies including Johnson & Johnson, PG&E, and UPS as well as the US Military, contributed to Clio award winning projects, and worked as a founding member of the worlds first Parkour Magazine.

His work has taken him throughout the US, into Europe and and Mexico, and has found him equally comfortable with global leaders and corporate board rooms, and in the center of civil disturbances, and the operating theater.