Tabitha Hart

Tabitha Hart

  • 1st year in Industry: 2012



  • Managed stakeholders and staff on average 15 projects at a time while being producer, office manager, and lead editor at a high-end video production facility. 
  • 11+ years working on projects with over 12 National Governing Bodies and the USOPC.  Including providing sport performance assistance for the USA Equestrian team utilizing virtual reality technology in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics after extensive multi-city testing. 
  • Senior Curriculum Design (Producer) team leader for a large group of stakeholders to design and produce 32 videos creating e-learning content for teachers, staff, students, and first responders for Beverly Hills School District (CA).
  • Developed simplified, highly efficient workflow systems that ensured exceptional client and project management, on-point budget and time management, boost employee morale and accountability, and created an extensive online resource database for employee self-sufficiency. 

Strong work ethic, self-motivated, reliable, collaborative, and innovative leader who excels in providing a flourishing culture for strong teamwork, trust, development, and innovation in a team or organization. Skilled at defining and driving business objectives while managing staff, stakeholders, and resources to ensure shared objectives are met. Over 16 years of expertise in strategic planning, developing, and implementing high-quality productions and marketing plans for digital media (video, virtual reality, social, web) and print media (small and large format) for small and large scale projects. Provide solutions to simple and complex problems by utilizing firsthand experience, common sense, data, and systematic approaches to produce long term results.